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Playstation 3

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Q: What system is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be on?
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Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be on Wii?

There is no official title known as Kingdom Hearts 3. New Kingdom Hearts titles are set to come out in the future, as confirmed by Tetsuya Nomura, but nothing is certain of a "Kingdom Hearts 3". There is no current way of knowing what system Kingdom Hearts 3 will be for.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be for PSP?

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep will be for the PSP

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be Playstation 3?

So far there is no word of an Kingdom hearts 3...but there is 4 kingdom hearts games that are coming out... 1. Kingdom Hearts Re:CoM for the ps2, which is already out. 2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for the Ds. 3. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, which will be for PSP. 4. Kingdom Hearts Coded, which will be for a phone.

What will Kingdom Hearts 3 be like?

There wont be one There is Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and there is going to be Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

What game systems is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be for?

These are all 'Kingdom Hearts 3' games: 'Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep' will be for PSP, 'Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days' will be on Nintendo DS, and 'Kingdom Hearts: Coded' will be on the mobile phone.

What system is Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out for?

Well, according to the kingdom hearts wikipedia, the system that kingdom hearts 3 358/2 Days is coming out for is the Nintendo ds, but if you are asking about Birth by Sleep, it's the PSP. -Cloudxtifa fan =3

What people and worlds are they going to be in Kingdom Hearts 3 PS2?

There will not be a Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS2 unless you mean Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories Release Date: December 2, 2008

Is Kingdom hearts 3 going to be in Ps3?

It most likely will

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 going to be on the Nintendo Wii also?

I believe there will be a Kingdom Hearts game for the Wii, though not necessarily number 3.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 real?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

What system will Kingdom Hearts 3 be for?

I'm not certain, but I think PlayStation 3.

What system is the kingdom hearts 3 game for?

Playstaion 3 XBox maybe

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