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Q: What taboos beliefs must be observed by scientologists?
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Why must safety rules be strictly observed?

Safety rules must be strictly observed in order to prevent injury and accidents.

What are taboos of Buddhism?

Killing any living beingAnswer:Buddhism doesn't have either must-dos or taboos. The suggestions of the Eightfold Path are just suggestions. Many Buddhists refrain from killing sentient (thinking) beings but the inclusivity of sentient are not defined.

What are the cheracteristics of a substance that can be observed and measured?

A substance must have the properties of physical properties in order to be observed and measured.

Is observed the patients reaction a subject or predicate?

observed is a verb. There is no subject before the verb so this must be a predicate.

Why must safety measures be observed in the laboratory?

To prevent mishaps.

Must new substances be formed when you observed a chemical property?


Are JumpSmart trampolines safe?

There are a group of safety precautions which must be observed. If these are observed, then the trampoline is safe. Children should be monitored.

What is slaves religion?

most africans have their own beliefs so slaves must have their own beliefs

What precautions must be observed if the flame blows itself out?

So what is really the answer?

What is the plural of proper?

The plural of proper is propers. As in "the propers must be observed".

What beliefs does James Madison have?

That people must have religious freedom

What safety precautions must be observed in chemical experiment?

wearing safety goggles.

What characteristic of assessment method wherein confidentiality of grades must be observed?


Can the chemical properties of a substance be observed without changing the substance?

No. Chemical properties can only be observed during a chemical reaction, where the substance must be changed.

What were RenΓ© Descartes beliefs in god?

he believed if you can doubt it, it must not exist.

An authors beliefs perspectives and assumptions must be a work of fiction?

inferred from

An author's beliefs perspectives and assumptions must be a work of fiction?

inferred from

A authors beliefs perspectives and assumptions must be a work of fiction?

inferred from

When a security violation is observed what actions must be taken?

challenge and report to security forces

What are the two qualities of the heart beat which must be observed?

diastole and systole diastole and systole

What precautions must be observed when the flame blows itself out?

what the! why can't you give answers

Two things that must be observed when taking a throw in?

That you must be behind the line when throwing and that the person you are throwing the ball to is open and free

What do scientists use when observing?

You must say what objects that are being observed: stars, microbes, ants.

Is there a way to tell the sexual orientation of a fish?

Yes, it must be observed. That is the only way to tell.

In order to have their beliefs considered as public opinion people must .?

Express their veiws