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What tack should you use on a Arabian shetland horse that your breaking in?



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There are no official steps, and many different ways, but this is the way I do it.

Develop a very good bond with the horse in mind (grooming, scratching, playing)

When ever you are around the animal, talk to it. Gibberish, whatever, it needs to learn the sound of your voice.

Teach it how to lunge. Constantly talk to it, start off just halter, ensure it can walk, trot and canter on command.

Bit it, by putting a bit on in the stable for small periods of time until the horse stops chewing and tossing its head, then increase time.

Lunge horse in bit (dont put lunge lein through bit unless the horse is too strong.)

Put a roller on the horse (ensure a numnah is underneath)

After a while, put side reins on. Attach to bit, ensure horse is working properly. Begin to lean over the horse bare back.

Put saddle on and lunge with saddle (no stirrups)

Next time, put stirrups on but tie them underneath horse stomach with neck strap.

Next time, loosen strap so they bounce on sides.

Then, long rein horse. Go behind horse, with a lunge line on each side attached to bit, and thread through stirrups. If horse does not like, put outside lein over bum and start from side, before moving around the back. Using voice, ask horse to walk and stand, and ensure it listens to your hands.

Lean over horse with saddle on.

Put leg over horse and sit on it on saddle, without sitting up.

Sit up slowly.

Practice getting up and off. (be gentle)

Start riding horse around enclosed area, and slowly, take it out into menage and begin schooling process.

Hope this Helps