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I don't know if this will answer your question, but I've always wanted to get a lotus flower tattooed on me because these beautiful flowers grow in muddy water. I see it as the muddy water as all the obstacles, and the flower as me overcoming all the adversity in my life.

Another one you could use is a koi fish because in Japanese legend, koi fish must fight to go upstream to reach Dragon's Gate to become a dragon.

I hope this helps ^-^


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A Coy Fish Swimming down your body symbolizes overcoming a life experience.

A Banyan tree tattoo symbolizes nationalism. It also symbolizes extended family, love and loyalty to family. To others, it symbolizes eternal life.

The Lotus flower tattoo means or symbolizes life changes or struggles.

The Not So Incredible Life of Dave - 2010 Overcoming Obstacles 1-3 was released on: USA: 6 February 2012

Ankh but it alao represents fertility

The Egyptian ankh symbolizes eternal life and is a fairly popular tattoo choice. It resembles a cross with a loop on top.

A Regular ship tattoo symbolizes going or sailing through life easily, and simply a ghost ship tattoo is the opposite; going through life very hard.

AS long life because those trees live for thousands of years

The answer is relative to each individual, although an optimist would say that overcoming both gains a person more character, because by overcoming both you can feel strong enough to get through all obstacles in life.

Moon tattoos often symbolize motion and change. A tattoo of the earth can symbolize many things, however, it best symbolizes life.

A diamond symbolizes immunity from destruction and ever-lasting protection in past life, present life, and future life. Honesty and integrity To some people with a diamond tattoo it can also symbolize their birth stone.

The rose symbolizes you as a person and your life. And the fire symbolizes the struggle that such a beatiful and wonderful rose is being put through. Depending on how is the tattoo design, if the rose is not coming to ashes then it means you are stronger that all obstacles that comes in your way. It can also mean, that a beautiful part of your past is being burned and is time now to sweep up the ashes and move on. You can only have the reminder of how beatiful it was and how is not there anymore.

How about a broken chain, an open window with sunlight streaming in, a monster behind bars, or a life preserver?

A bamboo tattoo symbolizes the bamboo plant's qualities. It represents durability, strength, stability not to mention a long and productive life. The symbol of bamboo also represents the endless cycle of death, life and rebirth.

He has not killed anyone. Although he has a tear-drop tattoo under his eye. The tear-drop tattoo symbolizes that he has taken a life. But no, he hasn't killed anyone

Generally a samurai warrior tattoo represents the virtues of the samurai. This often symbolizes strength and honor. Most notably honor as it was a key aspect of their way of life.

A sparrow tattoo typically symbolizes unending love or loyalty. Sparrows, in general, tend to represent birth or the resurrection of life.

Haley has over cam-ed so many obstacles like getting divorced twice. Alex's father dyeing on his actual birth date. but he over cam-ed those obstacles and lived a long successful life being a writer.

It symbolizes that your life is always changing or that you are in total control of your life like you are steering your own ship "I am the master of my fate, and the caption of my soul" -invictus

The Banyan tree symbolizes eternal life.

1. Symbolizes new life2. Symbolizes living life in between3. Symbolizes death

In some Asian cultures, the spider lily symbolizes death, and the journey to the next life. Taking this into consideration, a spider lily tattoo may represent death, the memory of a loved one, the belief in life after death, or even just an affection for the beautiful flower itself.

In my life, it symbolizes hope and life. But it really depends on the person. To someone else, it could mean happiness.

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