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What tattooed animals symbolize pain?

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The only animal Ive come to know that when tatooed simpolizes pain is the Andoconda.

2007-04-30 23:27:27
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Q: What tattooed animals symbolize pain?
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What does your name tattooed on your neck symbolize?


What does an Anubis tattoo symbolize?

It depends on what it means to the person being tattooed.

What do animal tracks tattoos symbolize?

they symbolize something different to everybody. i mean i have a coyote tracks tattooed on me because of my Indian heritage but my best friend has cat tracks tattooed in memory of her dead cat. it just depends on who you talk to.

What do animals symbolize?

Different animals symbolize different things.

What does an apple symbolize?

An apple can symbolize many things. It is seen as the forbidden fruit or can be a symbol for love or knowledge. Both men and women get apples tattooed on them.

Gorilla tattoo symbolize?

it's the symbol of someone who likes to have a gorilla tattooed onto their body.

What do the animals in the Chinese horoscope symbolize?

they symbolize the 12 months of the year

What is the cat symbolize in the cat in the rain?


Is bad to get the number 13 tattooed over your heart?

Yes, I hear the pain is unbearable.

What is the symbol of an eye tattooed like a clown?

It symbolizes pain. The person with tbe eye tattooed like a clown has been hurt by loss and is hiding his tears so no one can see the pain in his eyes that everyone can see without the "permanent makeup"

What does a tattoo of a hand print symbolize?

Most people who have a small hand tattooed on them it represents their child. It is also popular to have praying hands.

What does tattooed stars on each shoulder blade symbolize?

If they are on each shoulder, between the trap and delt and not filled in, you may be looking at a shemale

Which animals symbolize love?

they are doves

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What animals symbolize pride?


Which tattooing machine does not cause pain when one is being tattooed?

All tattoo machines will hurt, you will not be able to have a tattoo without feeling some kind of pain but it is bearable pain

What does a black rose tattoo symbolize?

I work at a tattoo shop, and the answer we would give is "nothing, they just look cool tattooed." Hope this helps!

What do the horses' ribbons symbolize in Animal Farm?

it symbolize self expression in the animals..... i hope that helped

What animals symbolize wisdom?

Snakes, owls...

What does a cross tattooed on the right middle finger symbolize?

Back in England it would show relevance to skinhead groups. I myself have my right middle finger, bottom of my index and bottom of my finger next to the middle finger tattooed. I am English, and I am somewhat a skinhead.

What does a sea monster tattoo mean?

There are many things that could be meant by getting a sea monster tattooed on you such as power. It may also symbolize fear.

What is a good mother daghter tattoo?

I think a nice mother/daughter tattoo would be for the mother to get " Daughter" in Chinese symbols tattooed on her, and for the daughter to get " Mother" tattooed on her to symbolize each other :) I think something like a chainsaw masacer tatooo with blood and gour!!

Can you get the inside of your eyelid tattooed?

yes u can. use this small painkiller............... then a machine which might have a little bit of pain

What jungle animals symbolize courage?

Eagle i think

What do om symbol tattoos symbolize?

OM symbolizes the Supreme God and his creation. Some people, hindus as well as non-hindus, like to have it tattooed on their body.