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What team has won the Rose Bowl the most times?


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The USC Trojans have won the Rose Bowl the most times with 24 wins.


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The University of Southern California has the most Rose Bowl appearances with 33.

As of the 2007 season, USC has the most Rose Bowl wins with 22. Michigan is second with 8.

Bears won the Rose Bowl.

Through the 2008 Rose Bowl, one team has won the game six times ... that being Ohio State. Ohio State won in 1950, 1955, 1958, 1969, 1974, and 1997.

UCLA or Miami UCLA plays in the Rose Bowl Miami played in the Orange Bowl

Which head coach has taken his team to the Super Bowl the most times, how many times did he go and which team(s) did he take

Right now, only Team Specific Tickets are available on the Rose Bowl website. A Team Specific Ticket is sort of a gamble; if your team makes it to the Rose Bowl, then so do you, but if your team loses, then you don't have a ticket anymore.

For the 2011 Rose Bowl, the payout was $8.5 million for each team (Wisconsin, TCU).

The Rose Bowl stadium is the home field for the UCLA Bruins.

The Wisconsin Badgers have been in the Rose Bowl 6 times. They lost the first 3 times, following the 1952, 1959, and 1962 seasons (the Rose Bowl is played on January 1st or 2nd the following year). They won Rose Bowl the next three times; following the 1993, 1998, and 1999 seasons. Following the 2010 season Wisconsin was again selected for the game.

No, each bowl eligible team plays in just one bowl to end the season.

Earl Morrall 1956 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls III, V Joe Kapp 1959 Rose Bowl, Super Bowl IV Bob Griese 1967 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls VI, VII, VIII Jim Plunkett 1971 Rose Bowl, Super Bowls XV, XVIII Tony Eason 1984 Rose Bowl, Super Bowl XX Also Tom Brady never played in a Rose Bowl. He was a member of UM's 1998 Rose Bowl winning team, but he did not play in the game. Rodney Peete played in the 1988 Rose Bowl as the starting QB for USC, and was a member of the Carolina Panther's Super Bowl team, but did not play.

For the 2010 season, if either the Big 10 champion or PAC 10 champion is playing in the BCS National Championship Game and a non-BCS team qualifies for a BCS bowl, that team will play in the Rose Bowl. The University of Oregon won the PAC 10 and would normally play in the Rose Bowl. But since they are playing in the National Championship Game, obviously, they can't play in the Rose Bowl. So TCU, a non-BCS team that qualified for a BCS bowl, was slotted to play in the Rose Bowl.

Hugo Bezdek coached a Rose Bowl winner, managed a major league baseball team, and coached an NFL team.

Wisconsin won the 1994 Rose Bowl beating UCLA 21-16.

In 1982 the UCLA Bruins began playing their home games in the Rose Bowl.

As of the 2009 matchup between Penn State and USC, USC has played in the most Rose Bowls (32, 2009 will be their 33rd) and won the most Rose Bowls (23).

The Dallas Cowboys went to the Super Bowl 8 times. The most in Super Bowl history. They are 5-3.

The Steelers. They've won it 6 times

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