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Most points was Glen Rice of Michigan in 1989 with 184 points (30.7 ppg). Highest average ppg was Austin Carr of Notre Dame in 1970 with 158 points in three games (52.7 ppg).

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Who holds the record for the most points scored in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament?

Glen Rice?

Who holds the record for the most points scored in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament game?

61, Austin Carr, Notre Dame vs. Ohio, 1970

Who holds the record of the most rebounds in a Division One NCAA basketball tournament?

John Hensen from UNC

Ncaa division 1 basketball scoring record?

Pete Maravich set the NCAA Division I scoring record with 3,667 points scored.

Who holds the record for most points scored in a big east basketball tournament?

Kemba Walker from UCONN.

What was the largest margin of victory in a NCAA men's basketball tournament game?

UCLA has the record for winning by 49 points

Who has the most consecutive wins in Division 1 Mens basketball NCAA tournament?

As of the 2008 tournament, that record is held by UCLA with 38 consecutive wins in the NCAA tournament between 1964-1974. Duke is second with 13 between 1991-1993.

What is the record margin of victory for NCAA basketball tournament?

69 points1963, South Regional First RoundLoyola 111, Tennessee Tech 42

What NCAA player scoredthe most points in a single game in the NCAA mens basketball tournament?

Notre Dame's AUSTIN CARR scored 61 points vs. Ohio in the 1970 to set the NCAA Tournament single-game scoring record. He also scored 52 points vs. Kentucky and 45 points vs. Iowa in the 1970 Tourney.

What player holds the Kansas State women's record for most career points in the NCAA Tournament?

Kendra Wecker had 159 NCAA Tournament career points

What player holds the individual record for most points in a season and a career in men's NCAA Div you basketball?

Division One is Pete Maravich of LSU with 1381 points in 1970 and 3667 in his career.

Which NCAA basketball player has scored the most points?

The NCAA website says that the most career points record in NCAA basketball belongs to Travis Grant, Kentucky State (Div II) who last played in 1972. His career total is listed as 4,045 points. The site says that Pete Maravich, LSU, holds the career point record in Division I play, with 3,667 points.

Mens NCAA tournament record for most points in one game?


How many ncaa tournament has KY been in?

Kentucky has been in the NCAA men's basketball tournament a record 52 times through 2013.

What player scored the most points in a season of college basketball?

Pete Maravich scored 1381 points in 1970 in 31 games for an average of 44.5 ppg. That is the NCAA Division One record for a single season.

Who has the record in scoring 81 points in a game of basketball?

Kobe Bryant

Which arena holds the non tournament college basketball attendance record?

i believe Syracuse just set a record crowd at 34,000 plus...

What player holds the kansas state women's record for the most career points in the NCAA tournament?

Kendra Wecker, 159 points

Who has the record for most points scored in a basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlion with 100 points in 1 game

What team holds the record for most points scored in a single game in the NCAA Tournament?


Who is the all-time leading scorer in NCAA Division One basketball?

Pete Maravich (aka 'Pistol Pete') of LSU still holds the record for All-Time Leading Scorer in NCAA Division I Men's Basketball! What you might also want to know is that he set this record in only THREE seasons, not FOUR. His record still holds at 3,667 points. His closest competitor was Freeman Williams of Portland State, who still fell short by 418 points after FOUR Seasons of play.

What school holds the record for most Men's Division I Basketball Championship titles?


Who holds the Division One basketball record for free throws made?

Tyler Hansbrough

Who has the record for most points scored as a UK basketball player?

Jodie Meeks

Who wins the division best record in division or best overall record?

It depends upon the league/sport. In the NFL, for example, the team with the best overall record wins their division. In the event of a tie, the division record acts as the tiebreaker. I believe the best conference record wins the conference in NCAA Football, regardless of overall record. Then there are the league like the NHL, where a team earns 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie or post regulation loss--with the team accumulating the most points winning their division/conference.