What technologically advanced weapons were used in the Vietnam War?

None of the weapons in the answers below this one were "technologically advanced." Some technologically advanced weapons used in Vietnam were the Paveway II laser-guided bomb, the F-4 Phantom fighter and the AH-1 Cobra attack helicopter.


U.S. Military basic weapon was the M-16 rifle, which took the place of the M-14 rifle about 1965. Basic sidearm was the M-1911 (.45 cal. automatic pistol). Primary artillery was the 105 mm (M-101a1 & M-102 howitizers) though the 155mm, 8 inch & 175 were also used. The M-79 (40 mm grenade launcher) was present with every squad. The South Vietnamese Army had many US WWII weapons (M-1 rifles, M-1 carbines, Thompson sub machineguns, and M-2 grease guns) US snipers carried a varity of weapons, but many were modified springfield 03's (30-06 cal.) and M-14 rifles (7.62 cal). M-60 tanks main gun was the 105mm, they had coax guns 7.62 cal, commanders gun was either a .50 cal or a 20 mm, depending on which version of tank he had.


The 5.56mm M-16 replaced the M-14 carbine as the standard rifle used by American soldiers and marines during the course of the war. Other notable American infantry weapons were the M-60, a medium 7.62mm belt-fed machine-gun; Browning .50 cal - crew-served heavy MG, often mounted on DUKWs, an amphibious armoured personnel carrier; 81mm mortar (mortars tend to kill more people than bullets in modern conventional wars, and the 81 is accurate, fairly man-packable and can deliver a variety of armaments - flares, smoke and high explosive). American soldiers also carried grenades, shotguns and sidearms like 9mm pistols and occasionally combat knives. I don't think they used bayonets much. I know little about artillery, but I believe America employed a variety of field guns and rockets to good effect, as well as fire from naval gunships where practicable. America's main weapon in Vietnam was air power, consisting of saturation bombing, napalm and even concentrated small-arms fire, notably Puff the Magic Dragon (multi-barreled Minimis mounted on slow-moving aircraft that fire so many rounds per minute that at the night the tracers made it appear as if a single beam of light was pouring out of the sky).

Both the Viet Cong guerillas and the North Vietnamese Army carried the AK47 or variants (like the AK49 - longer barrel with bipod legs used for support fire) supplied by their Communist allies. The Vietnamese generally had very little indirect fire support (mortars or artillery, fire from naval gunships) and limited air presence (MiG fighter jets patrolled North Vietnamese airspace, normally coming off very much second best against US fighters), with a small amount of air-defence artillery. Their main weapons were undoubtably home-ground advantage, cunning and almost limitless manpower.


The VC had. Tokarov T33 7.65 mm pistol, French 9 mm MAT-49 sub-machingun, Japanes Ariska rifiles, Russien 82 mm mortars. They even had some old germen MG 42 machinegun and Thompsons.