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WW2 introduced a whole range of newer technology. these are some of them

Tanks were better armoured, had more powerful weapons and were much faster. The Germans had the advantage at the start of the war with some spectacular tanks such ans the 'Tiger' tank, while Britain and her allies win through with tanks such as the Sherman, the Patton, and the Churchill.

Planes were one of the biggest improvements, and were now not just used for scouting, but for huge bombing raids, attacking ground targets and instalations, and shooting down other aircraft.

Infantry weapons became mainly automatic.

Radar was developed by the British and proved to be very useful when listening for German bombing raids.


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The 3 key technology the Axis used during World War 2 are:TanksGunsBombs

One type of weapon that was not used in World War I was the atomic bomb. The technology was generated during World War II.

Technology developed during the war was used for consumer products.

Mostly early tanks, jeeps, artillery guns.

the only one I can think of right now is the tank

Every country that participated in WW1 used technology.

increased military casualties in battles fought during the war

the Gatling gun and the iron clads were the newest technology in the civil war

no the atom bomb was used in world war 2 the did not have the technology yet

Entertainment during world war 1, included radio technology but also a large focus on the home and family togetherness.

Technology during World War II opened up an entirely new door into what the enemy was doing in areas in which they were once hidden. New pesticides, nuclear technology, and jet engines made the fight faster than it had been in the first World War.

The French used the franc during World War II.

Technology developed during the war was used for consumer products.

Technology developed during the war was used for consumer products.

I think that was the trench warfare stuff, not sure though.

i have no ideas about past..... :(

Percy Spencer invented the very first microwave oven, called the 'Radarange', after World War II. He used radar technology developed during the war.

The words tummy and belly were used during the world war 2 era.

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

Dynamite was used in World War 1, but stopped using it during World War 2

Nuclear technology was used to power many things.

The French used the franc during World War II.

They were mostly used for the transportation of Jews to and from concentration camps during the Holocaust, which was during World War 2.

the first ever mass produced tank was developed and used near the end of WW1

Japan was a modern 20th century world power during WWII.

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