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Oxidation of food can occur at temperatures as low as 40 degrees. This temperature increases danger of food spoilage. It is best to keep food a lot cooler.

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What does iron have to be exposed to for oxidation to occur?

Iron has to be exposed to oxygen for oxidation to occur.

Where does oxidation occur?

Oxidation occurs in warmer climates. So it could occur in a desert.

Describe what must be present for oxidation-reduction to occur?

what must be present for oxidation-reduction to occur?

Where does oxidation occurs in the body?

where does oxidation usually occur in the body

Why does cold temp affect oxidation?

because of science

Why does bleaching occur?

Bleaching occur by oxidation or reduction reactions.

Where does beta oxidation occur?

B-oxidation occurs in the extra-mitochondrial region

When does oxidation occur?

oxidation occurs when some matierals are expoesd to oxygen and water

Where does the oxidation pathway for breakdown of food into ATP occur?

Glycolysis occurs in cytoplasm while the remainder of the process occurs in the mitochondria.

Where does oxidation occur in the body?

oxidation occurs when water is released through the digested system

What temp is the water when transition on lakes occur?

water temp is 4C

Where does the pyruvate oxidation occur?

In the matrix of the mitochondira.

Oxidation cannot occur without?


Oxidation and Reduction?

Oxidation and Reduction reactions occur when electrons are transferred. The molecule that is oxidized loses an electron and the molecule that is reduced gains the electron that was lost by the oxidized molecule. Therefore, oxidation and reduction have to occur together.

When will condensation occur?

When the surface temp. drops below the dew point temp

How does oxidation occur?

chemical weathering living organsims

Does oxidation of NADPH occur in the Calvin cycle?


What reactions occur when burning Mg in a crucible?


Where does pyruvate oxidation occur in prokaryotic cells?


In which oxidation state does Mercury commonly occur?


Where in the eukaryotic cell does pyruvate oxidation occur?

In the mitochondria

Does Oxidation and reduction reactions occur at the same time?

Yes, they always occur simultaneously through a redox reaction. In other words, there can be no oxidation without reduction and vice versa.

Is oxidation of food in the body chemical change?

All oxidation is a chemical reaction.

What is the role of preservation in food materials to prevent their spoilage by oxidation?

Preservation helps in decreasing the speed of oxidation in food items.

At which electrode does oxidation occur in a voltaic cell?

anode only