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Not all brass is made the same way. The melting point of red brass is 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit. The melting point of yellow brass is 1,660-1,710 degrees Fahrenheit, and the melting point of admiralty brass is 1,650-1,720 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What temperature do the brass melt?

930c 1720f

What temperature does a brass cartridge melt?

brass melts at about 900 +/- degrees Celsius

Can you melt brass and bronze?

Yes, if the metals are heated up enough to melt.

What is brass in kelvin?

Brass is an alloy, Kelvin is a temperature scale. The temperature of the brass would depend on its surroundings

Does steel copper brass aluminum or nickel melt the fastest?

Copper is melt fastest.

What substances melt at room temperature?

ice can melt at room temperature. Anything that is liquid at room temperature would, in its frozen state, melt at room temperature. Oils, beverages and mercury - if in a frozen state - would melt when exposed to room temperature.

Does heat effect brass?

Yes. With sufficient heat it will melt

At what temperature does chocolate melt the fastest?

the hotter the temperature the quicker time it takes to melt

Why doesn't gelatin melt?

It does melt. But at high temperature.

if there is high temperature on the pole then why ice not melt?

It does melt.

What temperature will melt rock?

Temperature of magma.

Can sodium chloride melt at a very high temperature?

Yes you can melt it. But you want a high temperature.

What would happen if brass is heated up?

It would melt da

Why the brass need to be immersed in the boiling water before place it in the calorimeter?

The brass needs to be immersed in the boiling water for a sufficient enough time that its temperature is the same as the boiling water, 100 degrees Celsius. That will be the initial temperature of the brass. After it is quickly placed in the calorimeter which will contain much cooler water, causing the brass to cool down and the water to heat up until the point where the temperature no longer changes. At that point the temperature of the brass is the same temperature as the water in the calorimeter, which is its final temperature of the brass.

Why does ice melt faster in warm temperature?

Ice melt faster in a warmer temperature because the molecules in ice move more freely in a warmer temperature allowing it to melt faster.

At what temperature does h20 melt?

well it freezes at 0c or 32f so it will melt if subjected to a higher temperature

What temperature does white chocolate melt at?

i believe its thesame as your body temperature that's why it melt in your mouth and pocket

Does ice melt faster in a room temperature glass or in a frozen glass?

ice melt in the room temperature

What temperature will a snowman melt?

A Snowman will melt when it gets warm :)

What temperature does it have to be to melt ice?

To melt ice the temperature has to be above zero degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why does an ice block melt when left out in open?

The surrounding temperature increases the temperature of the ice block causing it to melt.

Increasing the melt temperature for a given material is likely to result in?

Increasing the melt temperature the material can be transformed in a gas.

Which metal does not melt at high temperature?

All metals melt at high temperature... the metal that doesn't melt is mercury as it is already liquid at room temperature..... There is no metal that undergoes sublimation unlike non-metals.

How do you make french horn?

you melt brass into shapes that the french horn need

Why gold cannot mix with brass?

Not correct, it mixes very well in the melt