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What temperature does plastic melt?

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Around 300 degrees

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Does temperature effect plastic?

yes, temperature does effect plastic if it gets to hot it can melt it.

What temperature do platics melt?

That depends on the plastic.

What temperature does plastic melt at in Fahrenheit?

Different "plastics" melt at different temperatures.

What temperature does the plastic on televisions melt?

1000 Oc Aproximately

What point do LEGOs melt?

PVC plastic melts at 80C, but I don't know at what exact temperature Legos melt at. Legos can be made out of different types of plastic.

At what temperature does a PET plastic soft drink bottle melt?

155 F

Can you put plastic in the oven?

No, you cannot put plastic in the oven. The high temperature in an oven would melt the plastic and could start a fire.

Why does ice melt slow on plastic?

As plastic does not conduct heat well and the temperature only rises slowly and can become as cold as the snow on it.

How much time does 1 plastic cup need to melt in the environment?

The answer depends on the temperature that it is subject to. At normal ambient temperatures it is not likely to melt.

Why the plastic handle used in the pressure cooker doesn't melt?

there are two types of Plastics. the Thermoset and the Thermoplast. these Plastics all Melt, but @ different temperatures. the Thermoplast melts easily and can be recycled, while the thermoset has a property that makes it difficult to melt @ the temperature of the cooker that is being heated.this therefore explains why the Plastice does not melt because its thermoset Plastic and It has a higher temperature

How do you bind plastic to plastic?

melt it.

What else melts besides ice?

There are many objects that can melt. Depending on the heat source and temperature plastic can melt. Metal also can melt as high temperatures. Cheese melts and so does chocolate.

Will plastic bags melt when heated?

Yes. Almost any plastic will melt when heated.

Why plastic bag does not melt when it is filled with water and is heated?

The heat caused by the fire gets conducted to water, so the ignition temperature of the plastic bag is not reached.

What type of plastic does not melt?

Moniocloryide Plastic

What will melt faster aluminum or plastic?


Is plastic recyclable?

Yes - you can melt and re-melt plastic to re-cycle it many times.

Does ice melt faster on metal or plastic?

assuming the same temperature metal is better at distributing energy so metal.

How do you join a metal to plastic?

melt the plastic to the metal

What point would plastic melt?

Plastic, being the amorphous solid it doesn't have the accurate melting point. It melt gradually as the temperature rises. Glass are also belong to this type. Hence, amorphous solid are also known super cooled liquid.

What is the melting point of plastic Bakelite?

It doesn't have a melting point as it is a thermosetting plastic, meaning it can be heated but it will not melt, instead the temperature will be raised until it burns. Hope this help :D

Why does ice melt fast in plastic cups?

BeCaUsE PlAsTiC CuPs CaN BrInG MoRe HeAt In WhIcH MaKeS iT mElT

What substances melt at room temperature?

ice can melt at room temperature. Anything that is liquid at room temperature would, in its frozen state, melt at room temperature. Oils, beverages and mercury - if in a frozen state - would melt when exposed to room temperature.

Does rubbing alcohol melt plastic?

Depends on the type of plastic.

What will burn first wood or plastic?

Wood. Plastic will melt.