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What temperature should a freezer be at?

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cold, very cold.

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What temperature should your Lg refrigerator be on?

what temperature should have the freezer

Temperature of freezer?

The temperature of a household freezer should be set at a steady -18/-19C, and industrial freezer should be set at around -21/-22C

What temperature should a freezer operate at?

freezer temperature should be 8ca refrigerator for safety of food should be operated at 8 degrees or below to prevent contamination

What temperature Fahrenheit should your freezer be?

A domestic freezer should be set to these temperatures. 0o Fahrenheit. -18o Centigrade.

What is average freezer temperature?

The average freezer temperature goal should be 0˚F to ensure safety from food borne illnesses

Should batteries be kept in the freezer or at room temperature which is right?

They must be keep at room temperature, it's a bad idea to put the into a freezer.

Can you put stuff in the freezer right after cooking?

No we should not put the stuff in the freezer as soon as we cook because it can change the temperature of the freezer.

What is the temperature for food in a freezer?

It should be at the most zero degrees!

What temperature should your fridge and freezer be kept at?

55 degrees

How low in temperature should a commercial freezer be?

18 degrees

What is tha temperature of deep freezer?

Should be about 30 degrees.

What temperature should frozen food be stored at?

Frozen foods should be stored at 0 degrees. That is the temperature that your freezer should be kept at.

What temperature should a freezer be set at in celsius?

-7 or below celsius

What temperature should you keep an upright freezer?

0 degrees is ideal.

What is the reccommended temperature for an ice cream freezer?

The freezer should be between 0oF and -5oF to keep the ice cream hard.

What temperature is food in a freezer?

The usual temperature in a freezer is at or below 32 degrees. Most home freezers are set at 28 degrees. This will put the food temperature at about the same as the freezer temperature.

Will food in the freezer be good after 4 hours of no refridgeration?

it depends on the substance If the freezer has been in working order and the freezer is pretty full, a power outage of 4 hours should not be a problem as long as the freezer is not opened. Ice cream may get soft, but everything else should be OK. Consider how long it takes one item to thaw if you leave it on the counter - and that's at room temperature. The freezer box is insulated so the air temperature in the freezer should not rise rapidly.

Is it safe to eat a cherry pie that was in the freezer for 6 months?

It depends on the temperature of your Freezer. if it as been kept at -18oC or below then it should be OK.

What temperature should a refrigerator's freezer be?

Ideally, the freezer should be at 0 degrees F. The food will keep longer, ice cream will be harder, but it will take more energy to hold it there.

What should the temperature be inside freezer?

I would say around -1 degree Celsius

Can I put hot food in freezer?

You should let it cool to room temperature first.

What is the temperature of a safe freezer temperature?


What is temperature of freezer?

It is recommended that you set your freezer to -18oc or therabouts.

Temperature for frozen food?

You should probably keep it in a freezer from 10 degrees to about -15 degrees but i am in 6th grade and that is what my freezer says. Normally -18 to -22. is standard keep safe temperature range.

How do you predict the temperature of the air in a balloon with known starting volume and temperature after it has been in a freezer with known temperature for a 10 seconds?

If it's been in the freezer long enough, it will have the same temperature of the freezer. Thermal energy is transferred from warmer objects to cooler objects until there is an equilibrium, which in this case is the temperature of the freezer.