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What temperature should cold water fish be at?

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It depends on what species of coldwater fish you are referring to. The majority of them, such as goldfish, minnows, and koi, are kept ideally at 70 to 78 degrees.

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How cold should water be for pond fish?

The outside temperature should be the should be the same temperature as the outside.

What should be the temperature for fresh fish pieces?

the water must be room temperture. Or the fish will be to hot or cold. My friend had a Goldfish and put him in cold water and he froze to death. ROOM TEMPERTURE

What type of temperature is water for the fish?

Most fish in the pet industry are warm water fish and should be kept around 76 degrees. Goldfish and a few other species are cold water fish.

How are fish affected by changes in water temperature?

they get cold

Can you mix cold water fish and tropical fish in same tank?

No. The temperature variation will kill one or the other. (Too warm for cold water fish, too cold for tropical fish)

How could an increase in water temperature affect fish?

The temperature affects the motbolism of the fish if it is used to warm water the fishes motbolism is faster however some fish have evolved to live in cold water so their motabolism is faster in cold water but if you were to put a fish that was used to warm water in cold water they would die.

Are Mudfish warm blooded or cold blooded?

All fish, including mud fish, are cold blooded, as there body temperature changes with the temperature of the water.

How low does the temperature have to be for a cold water fish?

42 degrees

What will happen to the fish if the water temperature is freezing cold?

The warm water fish could go into hyper drive and their little hearts beat so fast and can die. Cold water fish have no problems with very cold water.

What is a good temperature for a fresh water fish tank?

The temperature of the water depends upon the species of fish you wish to keep. Cold water fish should be not much warmer than around 60F and Tropical fish vary from as low as 65F up to 85F depending on species.

What water temperature should you have for your fighting fish?

they will do their best in room temperature water

Temperature ranges for cold water fish and warm water fish?

Cold water fish like gold fish prefer water in the range of 64-68. Warm water fish like guppies like 70-74 and can be even higher.

How do you look after a cold water fish?

like you keep a tropical water fish only you should provide it cold water instead warm water.

What temp should the water be for goldfish?

Unlike tropical fish, goldfish enjoy cold water, so room temperature (68° -- 75°) is fine.

The difference between tropical fish cold water fish and marine fish?

difference in salt and temperature tolerance.

Is a Betta fish cold blooded or hot?

Almost ALL fish are cold blooded. That means they are the same temperature as the water they swim in.

Why do fish live in cold water?

because it has something to do with there body`s the water has to be at a certain temperature or the fish will die sorry :(

Do goldfish need cold water or warm water?

Goldfish are "coldwater fish" their comfortable temperature range is 55F to 70F. The stimulus to make them breed is when the temperature rises to over 65F.A gold fish needs cold water.

What are the living conditions of the blue tang fish?

It should have good water (warm) not too hot or not too cold, and a good temperature.

Can a betta fish be in cold water?

A betta fish should not be in water colder than 72F

How do you keep cold water fish cold?

In the case of the rare fish that must have water below a specific temperature there are water coolers (refridgeration units) available commercially. its called a chiller & they are rather expensive. if you have fish that require low temperature you will require one or death is immanent

How do fish get warmer or colder?

Fish are cold-blooded so their body heat change with the temperature of the water.

What is a seahorses body temperature?

Seahorses are fish and are cold blooded. Cold blooded animals are the same temperature as the air or water around them. So whatever temperature the water is where you see the seahorse, that's the temperature of the seahorse.

How cold is water with a betta fish in it if it is just sitting at room temperature no heaters or anything?

Room temperature.

Do fish react to water temperature?

Yes. They can still survive in the cold though.