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well they do live in Africa which is really hot so about 90 degrees


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an extreme environment exhibits harsh and challenging enviroemtn conditions. They are where humans generally do not live. They have extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

Zebra live in the tropical savanna. It is a grassland with warm temperatures year round. There is a wet season and a dry season there.

they live in very cold temperatures in the Arctic.

in the winter it gets to cold and leaves live in mild temperatures in the summer if they don't change the colors to red the suns rays will burn them

cool weather, also live through cold weather

There isn't much a zebra can do to protect itself in bad weather, as they tend to live in open grassland.

Yes they live in cold water but they are inactive due to the low temperatures

Rabbits live all over the world and in all climates, they can tolerate most weather conditions.summer

yes, most seals live in cold conditions

Yes, the sea otters live in the Arctic. The live in the Arctic because of the weather conditions favor them. They live and thrive in very cold conditions.

Dose a zebra or monkey live in Australia

80 to 30 degree weatherWolves like to live in cold temperatures and in the tundra.

the polar bear of course live in extremely cold temperatures because they live near ice. they won't freeze to death because of their fur

Maybe but not really because they live in cold weather . .

Plains Zebralive on the grasslands of Africa,Mountain Zebralive in dry areas of southern Africa,Grevy's Zebralive in the dry areas of northeast Africa.

Live - Zebra album - was created in 1990.

A zebra lives in the plains of south Africa.

No. Birds don't hate weather conditions. They just live with it.

Well, it depends where you live, but Summer is always best for weather conditions.

Yes, are types of deer that can handle weather conditions in Africa.

zebra is unable to live. poor zebra. RIP stripy.

Of course they tolerate weather. Everywhere has weather so if they could not tolerate weather there would be no place they could live. They do not tolerate extremely cold temperatures, however, as they are not found north of southern Canada.

they live in hottt temperatures

Penguins can live in very cold or temperate zones in the world. Penguins that are on Antarctica live in cold weather that can get as cold as -89.2 degrees Celsius. Penguin that are in the Galapagos Islands live in a temperate zone with temperatures that are cool but not as cold as in Antarctica

A zebra finch can live up to 5 to 7 years if its in captivity.

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