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What tense is had?


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"Had" is past tense.
Had is the past tense of have.

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Was and were is the past tense of are and is (present tense conjugations of be).Present tense:I amWe areYou areHe/She/It isThey arePast tense:I wasWe wereYou wereHe/She/It wasThey were

It was, (past tense) it is, (present tense) it will be( future tense)

Present tense:I amWe areYou areHe/She/It isThey arePast tense:I wasWe wereYou wereHe/She/It wasThey were

The past tense of did is did. The present tense of did is do. The future tense of did is will do.

"you do" is present tense. The past tense is "you did" and the future tense is "you will do".

No 'is' is present tense. am/is/are = present tense was/were = past tense

has is present tense, had is past tense

present tense past tense future tense present perfect tense past perfect tense future perfect tense present progressive tense past progressive tense future progressive tense present perfect progressive tense past perfect progressive tense future perfect progressive tense

Am, is, and are are present tense forms of be. The past tense forms of be are was and were. The future tense of be is will be.

Twinkle is the present tense, twinkled is the past tense, and will twinkle is the future tense.

The past tense is ate. The future tense is will eat, and the present tense is eat.

present tense is get or getspast tense is got or gottenfuture tense is will (or shall) get

Glances is the present tense.The past tense is glanced.The future tense is will glance.

Present tense - clean. Past tense - cleaned. Present tense - work. Past tense - worked. Present tense - play. Past tense - played.

Pass-tense is a misunderstanding of the term past-tense.

Present tense, past tense and future tense.

Past tense I had Present tense I have Future Tense I will have

past tense is got future tense is will get

Was and were are both the past tense of be. The present tense is: I am he is you are they are The past tense is: I was he was you were they were

Present tense, past tense, future tense, future perfect tense, present perfect tense and past perfect tense.

The past tense is crossed.The future tense is will cross.The present tense is:I/You/We/They cross.He/She/It crosses.

The past tense is sent.The future tense is will send.The present tense is:I/You/We/They send.He/She/It sends.

Present tense : I, we, you, they lose / he, she, it losesPast tense : lostFuture tense : will lose

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