What term describes a largely undeveloped agriculteral land surrounding an urban area?

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What is a large body of water surrounded by land?

A lake is the biggest body of water that is surrounded by water onall sides. The largest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea - socalled because it is comprised of salt water and the ancient Romanscalled it a sea like every other salt water body they hadencountered. However, as the Caspian Sea is bo ( Full Answer )

What is a large area of land called?

Hemisphere A large area of land is commonly known as a plateau. However, ifthe land is covered with grass, it is known as a grassland ormeadow.

What fraction of us land area is urban?

According to a report by the USDA, about 2.6% of of US land area (60 million acres out of 2.3 billion acres) is classified as urban. see: http://www.ers.usda.gov/Publications/EIB14/ for more details.

Why is the term lowland used to describe land?

Lowland is usually used to describe areas of lesser elevation, in contrast to highlands in the same geographical area. Another common term is "low country."

Can you finance undeveloped land and for how long?

Sure.. It's going to depend on the current and potential value of the land, plus the interest rate and mortgage terms that a lender is prepared to offer the buyer/borrower.

What is a large area of high flat land?

Well it could be a plateau or a mesa depending if it was wide or broud.If it was wide it would probably be a Mesa.If it was broud it would probably be a plateau.

Large body of water partly surrounded by land?

What you're describing could be called an inlet, a fjord, a marsh or a sound, plus other variants. The geographical description depends on the shape of the land that surrounds the body of water. The water can be either salt water or fresh water, depending on the body of water's proximity to the se ( Full Answer )

What are the large flat areas of land in Africa?

There are veldts in southern Africa and specifically, the Serengeti plains. Much of the interior of Africa is a high plateau. There are remarkably few natural harbours, and few of the rivers are navigable. That is why the interior of Africa was not explored by Europeans until the 19th century.

Describe urban areas in the early 1900's?

Cities were diverse, but separated by social classes. Wealthy urbanites settled away from immigrants and industry. Many immigrants worked in sweatshops and lived in crowded, unsanitary dumbbell tenements.

Can you buy undeveloped land for a dollar?

no I'm sory, unless it was realy crappy or it was like 2 inches for your pet ant ... well idk that's a good question mabe or mabe not ... my bakspace key is broken

What are the 2 large areas of the ocean that are partly surrounded by land near Australia?

The Pacific Ocean is to the North-East and East of Australia. The Southern or Antarctic Ocean is to the South, The Indian Ocean is to the North-West and West of Australia. . As none of the three oceans near Australia are "partly surrounded by land", perhaps the question refers to the Gulf of Carpe ( Full Answer )

Does texas have regions of wilderness or undeveloped land?

yes government. Further Judiciary is dysfunctional at large, [ a chicken thief might get five years in hard labor while a politician, who had been convicted to a rather lenient prison term for causing financial loss to the state, [ was recently pardoned and now even wants to go back to parliament..

How did urban and rural areas of the US differ in terms values?

It different because at end of WORLD WAR 1, changes in societybegan to dominate daily lives.Conflict arose as an increasinglyurban, secular society came into confict with older ruraltraditions. The rise of new ideasand the change into peacetimeeconomy.

What is the term that describes the characteristic of a large city?

Las Vegas and London -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (you've gotta be looking for "Demographic Trends" which generally most recent statistical characteristics of a certain population. used mostly in Sociology and Marketi ( Full Answer )

How large is Hyde Park in terms of area?

Hyde Park covers an area of 142 hectares (or 350 acres). It is one of the largest parks in London and is one of the Royal Parks. The park is split by the Serpentine lake and the smaller segment is considered a different park - Kensington Gardens.

Which term describes no-mans land?

The term was most commonly used in the First World War to describe and area of land between two enemy trenches. Neither side wished to overrun the area for fear of being attacked by the enemy in the process.

How do wetlands protect the surrounding land areas?

People used to think of wetlands as a nuisance - obstacles to beconquered on the march of progress. We know better now. Some havecalled wetlands "kidneys of the landscape" because of their rolefiltering the undesirable stuff that runs off surrounding land.Today, wetlands are still obstacles to devel ( Full Answer )