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Is Toronto in north west territory?

Toronto is that capital of Ontario.

In which province or territory of Canada is Toronto located?

Toronto is located in the province of Ontario

What territory are the bahaMas?

If the Bahamas are not US territory, then what territory is it?

What country does the Yukon territory belong to?

The Yukon territory is located in Canada.

Which country did the Utah Territory belong to before joining the union?

It was a USA territory.

What territory did Tennessee belong to before it was a state?

I believe it belonged to the Southwest territory.

Who did the louisisana territory originally belong to?

The Louisiana Territory originally belonged to the French.

What country does the Cayman Island belong to?

the Cayman Islands belong to England, as they are a British Territory.

Which state is closest to toronto?

According to a map, I found that the state of Michigan is closest to the territory Toronto. New York is also pretty close to Toronto.

What countr did Oregon Country belong to before 1820?

Oregon didn't belong to anyone. It was a territory.

What city do the cayman islands belong to?

The Cayman Islands do not belong to any city. They are a British territory.

What country does the cayman islands belong?

In the British territory.

To what country do the cayman Islands of the Caribbean Sea belong?

They are a British Overseas Territory (i.e. they belong to the UK).

What country do the cayman islands of the caribbean sea belong?

the Cayman Islands belong to England, as they are a British Territory.

Does Vanuatu belong to Australia?

No. Vanuatu does not belong to Australia, nor has it ever been part of Australian territory.

To which country does Easter Island belong?

It is the special territory of Chile

Who did the Louisiana territory use to belong to?

Spain and France (who we bought it from)

To who did Arizona belong to before it became a state?

It was a US Territory.

Which territory does the Tasmanian blue gum belong to?

The Tasmanian blue gum is the symbol of the state (not territory) of Tasmania in Australia.

In what continent does Bahamas belong?

It belongs in North America as a territory not a state.

What continent do the cayman islands belong?

The Cayman Islands are a territory of England.

Which country Puerto Rico belong?

Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S.A.

Witch country does Easter Island belong to?

It is the special territory of Chile

Which group of island belong to Indian territory?

Andaman and Nicobar island

What is the capital city of your provinces or territory?

Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario.