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Phobia means "fear of." For example, arachnophobia is the fear of Spiders.


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Yes, phobia is a noun, meaning 'a fear, especially an irrational fear'. It is also a suffix, used in words such as arachnophobia.

The Suffix PHOBIA means fear OK you school kids

The suffix is phobia. The term suffix means that which is added on at the end.

a noun is created when the suffix -phobia is added to a word

The word phobia is a noun, and -phobia is the common suffix for the names of many fears.

phobophobia arachnaphobia auroraphobia testophobia

no it's not phobia is a suffix for fear of something

the suffix -ology means the study of

Other end It is a suffix

ArachnophobiaArachno is the prefix or stem of the word, while phobia is the suffix.

The "phobia" part is the suffix. The adjectival form replaces the final 'a' with 'c': '~phobic'. ' A sufferer from a phobia is a '~phobe'; so in our example, a 'claustrophobe'.

Mud Phobia is the phobia (fear) of mud. Its called mysophobia, myso meaning mud and phobia meaning fear.

One example of a suffix is agoraphobia. Agora being the stem or prefix, while phobia is the suffix.

Agora is the prefix, phobia is the suffix.

The fear of eggs. Ova meaning eggs and phobia meaning fear.

The English suffix ly is an adverb that means in the manner of. The best word example using that suffix is fluently.

an "ology" is a subject of study

It is "removal by surgical means".

Nouns are formed when you add phobia to a word eg hydrophobia

the suffix meaning act of is "ence"

The suffix meaning tumor is oma.

The suffix - ion means "condition of, result of, act of, process of, state of," and in medical

What is the meaning of the suffix ior?

Suffering from [a medical condition].

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