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What the difference between QA and QC?

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Many people and organizations are confused about the difference between quality assurance (QA), quality control (QC), and testing. They are closely related, but they are different concepts. Since all three are necessary to effectively manage the risks of developing and maintaining software, it is important for software managers to understand the differences. They are defined below:

* Quality Assurance: A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.

* Quality Control: A set of activities designed to evaluate a developed work product.

* Testing: The process of executing a system with the intent of finding defects. (Note that the "process of executing a system" includes test planning prior to the execution of the test cases.)

QA activities ensure that the process is defined and appropriate. Methodology and standards development are examples of QA activities. A QA review would focus on the process elements of a project - e.g., are requirements being defined at the proper level of detail. In contrast, QC activities focus on finding defects in specific deliverables - e.g., are the defined requirements the right requirements. Testing is one example of a QC activity, but there are others such as inspections. Both QA and QC activities are generally required for successful software development.

Controversy can arise around who should be responsible for QA and QC activities -- i.e., whether a group external to the project management structure should have responsibility for either QA or QC. The correct answer will vary depending on the situation, but Mosaic's experience suggests that:

* While line management should have the primary responsibility for implementing the appropriate QA, QC and testing activities on a project, an external QA function can provide valuable expertise and perspective.

* The amount of external QA/QC should be a function of the project risk and the process maturity of an organization. As organizations mature, management and staff will implement the proper QA and QC approaches as a matter of habit. When this happens only minimal external guidance and review are needed.

2012-09-16 16:12:10
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Q: What the difference between QA and QC?
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QC = executive QA = legislative

What is the difference between qa and qc?

QA would mean quality assurance QC would mean quality control , QC ( the term) is used more in industry , and QA SOUNDS better to the consumer, like would you rather be assured or controlled? same thing just one sounds more comforting

What does QA and QC mean?

* QA = Quality Assurance * QC = Quality Control

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qa is set of activities whose purpose is to demonstrate that an entity meets all quality requirements. this is done by adopting a standard set of process and ususl qa techniques like review, training, facilitation etc. it can be termed as defect prevention qc is set of activities whose purpose is to ensure that all quality requirements are being met.this is defect detection, and done by testing Quality Control is mainly an inspection function. Quality assurance is an audit function. QA is process oriented Activity while QC is product Oriented Activity

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These all are related and to some point, can be considered as same activities too, but there are distinct points that spaced out QA, QC and testing.QA stands for Quality Assurance. Its a software testing life cycle comprises of various activities related to QA to make sure the process implementation, various procedures and standards in perspective to verification of developed software and planned requirements. In software qa services, the main focus is on processes and procedures followed during the testing.QC stands for Quality Control. It includes activities that ensure the endorsement of a developed software as per requirements those were acknowledged. QC is focused on actual testing by executing the software with the intention to identify defect through implementation of procedures and process. QC is a Product-oriented activities and also a corrective process. QC can be considered as the subset of Quality Assurance.Testing is part of Quality Control and is achieved in the software testing phase. Testing comprises of activities that confirm the identification of bugs or defects in software applications without correcting it. Testing is also product-oriented and main focus is on actual software testing to prevent bugs.

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