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vanilla extract is a raw material but flavour is odour which is not raw material.

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Q: What the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla flavor?
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What does vanilla extract do in cookies?

gives them a vanilla flavor.

What is the difference between vanillan and vanilla?

Vanillin is the largest flavor component of the vanilla bean. It can also be synthesized . The synthetic is identical to the natural vanillin, but much less expensive. Vanilla extract contains vanilla and many other flavor components, which make the flavor more interesting.

Can you substitute vanilla extract for vanilla sugar?

I dont think so beacuse vanilla extract has a more distinct flavor and stronger flavor than vanilla sugar

What does vanilla extract do to cookies?

it gives them a slight vanilla flavor.

What is the purpose of vanilla extract in cake?

to add vanilla flavor.

How do you subsitute vanilla extract for vanilla beans?

with vanilla extract its a more substituted flavor and cheaper than a vanilla beans

Why do you NEED Vanilla extract in cookies to bake them?

You don't necessarily NEED vanilla extract in cookies, but it vanilla extract does add flavor to the recipe. I have accidentally left it out of a cookie recipe before, and you can definitely tell the difference. Without the vanilla extract, the cookies taste very bland.

Can you substitute regular strength vanilla extract for double strength vanilla extract?

Yes, but you will lose some of the vanilla flavor.

Can you substitute maple extract for vanilla extract?

Yes, but it will change the flavor.

Can you substitute vanilla extract for maple extract?

yes, as long as the flavor you want to achieve is vanilla and not maple.

What is the difference between regular vanilla and french vanilla?

french vanilla is more creamy and has more vanilla flavor

Is vanilla a mixture?

The flavor vanilla comes from a bean, vanilla extract contains vanilla in an alcohol base.

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