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The cervix is the entrance to the uterus that dilates before a baby is born. The dilation process can take months, or hours, as the cervix opens up to 10 centimeters.

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Q: What the entrance to the uterus dilates before a baby is born?
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What are the strong muscular contractions that push the baby out of the uterus?

The uterus contracts to help expell the baby. The cervix also dilates (opens) for the baby to pass through.

What is dilating of the cervix called?

It's called dialation, but if you're referring to the test question "The process by which the cervix dilates and the baby is expelled from the uterus is called," the answer is parturition.

When does the cervix dilate?

When women are about to give birth the cervix, or opening to the uterus or womb, dilates. This is a gradual stretching of the opening as the baby is pushed outward. The amount of dilation is often used as a measure of progress of labour. The cervix has to dilate about 10 cm before the baby can pass through.

What provides a place for a baby to grow before birth?

Your uterus...

Meaning of contraction of the uterus?

This is the result of your uterus stretching to accommadate your babies arrival Its the way the uterus resizes itself before and after the baby comes

What is a transverse uterus?

Describes the side-lying (where the baby's body length is horizontal in the uterus) position of the baby before birth. Unless moved, the baby will have to be delivered by c-section.

What happens to the uterus just before birth of the baby?

It contracts and pushes the baby out starting with the head

How long is baby in uterus before birth?

37-40 weeks

On a female reproductive system what does the uterus do?

It is where the baby is held before it is born

Where provides a place for the baby to develop and grow before birth?

the uterus

What is the female internal organ where the baby develops before birth?

Uterus. The baby also develops a amniotic sac with in the uterus that holds fluid so the baby can be protected until birth.

Does boys have uterus?

No, they do not. Only girls and women have it. The uterus is the place inside the woman where the baby will grow for nine months, before it is delivered. Men and boys do not need a uterus, because they do not give birth to a baby.

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