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The battle over Waterloo (think the ABBA song!)

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Who was Napoleon defeated by at his final battle?

Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo to the Seventh Coalition.

Who did Napoleon defeat in his last battle?

Napoleon was defeated in his final battle at Waterloo by the Duke of Wellington.

Where was Napoleon eventually defeated?

The Battle of Waterloo, near Waterloo, in what is now Belgium, is where Napoleon Bonaparte met his final defeat.

When was napoleon defeated?

Napoleon was defeated when the Duke of Wellingworth defeated him. IMPROVEMENT. He lost the Russian Campaign and was defeated at the battle of Leipzig and finally at the Battle of Waterloo.

Battle where Napoleon was defeated?

He was defeated at Waterloo in Belgium.

How did Napoleon get defeated?

By loosing the battle of Waterloo

Which battle was napoleon final defeat?

The Battle of Waterloo was Napoleon's final battle.

What events caused disaster and defeat of Napoleon?

The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 was the battle in which Napoleon was finally defeated.

What was the Battle of Waterloo?

The battle of Waterloo was the battle at which Napoleon was defeated by Lord Wellington.

Where was Napoleon defeated?

Napoleon, in a sense, was defeated twice. First, he was defeated in Spain, then later in Russia. His final defeat was at Waterloo in Belgium on June 18, 1815.

Who defeated Napoleon in his final battle?

The Duke of Wellington with the help of the Prussian leader Gebhard von Blucher and the combined forces of the Seventh Coalition.

How was Napoleon defeated?

Napoleon was finally defeated at the Battle of Waterloo after which he abdicated and was exiled to St. Helena in the remote South Atlantic Ocean. He was defeated by a superior military force.

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