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What the function of the incisor?

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The incisors are used to cut or gnaw your food before chewing.

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What is the function of the incisor teeth?

Function is to cut and shear food.

What function do the incisor teeth have that molars teeth do not?

Incisor teeth are to cut your food where as the molars are to grind down food.

How does the structure of an incisor relate to its function?

A canine is a stabbing tooth, an incisor is a cutting tooth, and a molar is a chewing tooth.

What function does the incisor teeth have that the molar teeth do not?

the difference: incisor teeth are for biting or braking food, but molar teeth are for crunching or chewing food

What is the function of incisor in herbivores?

No comment. Cant make me tell u.

What function do the incisor teeth have that molar teeth do not?

incisors are for tearing food and molars are for mashing

A sentence with incisor in it?

The dentist extracted his incisor.

What Is the function of the incisor tooth?

They are the front two teeth, top and bottom and they grasp, hold, and gnaw at food

What function do incisor teeth have that molar teeth do not?

they cut in to food like meat but the molars grind and crush food

How do you use incisor in a sentence?

you could use it as a reference IE 'His incisor fell out'

Is incisor type of tooth?

Yes incisor is a type of tooth.The tooth which are the front and you use them to bite.

How many incisor teeth in a human?

The normal Homo sapien has a total of 8 incisors. One central incisor and one lateral incisor on each side of each jaw.

What is a inscisor?

An incisor is a tooth.

What is names of your teeth?

Central incisor, lateral incisor, canine, 1st and 2nd premolar and 1st, 2nd an 3rd molar.

What teeth are your permanent anterior teeth?

The same ones as the primary anterior teeth: Canine, lateral incisor, central incisor.

What is the shape of an incisor?

the shape is hugis itlog

Can you give me a sentence using the word incisor?

In humans there are four incisors in each jaw.The word "incisor" comes form the Latin, incidere "to cut".

What are elephant tusks?

The tusks are an Elephant's Incisor teeth.

What are the incisor teeth used for?

cutting and tearing of food

What tooth type cuts and snips?

the tooth is an incisor!

What is the incisor tooth used for?

Incisor teeth are shovel shaped at the front of your mouth are used for cutting or slicing food. These teeth are at the front of your mouth and are called anterior teeth.

What is the incisor tooth?

An incisor in any one of eight front teeth (four on top, four on bottom). They are typically shaped like a chisel, with a relatively thin cutting surface.

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