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What the girl should do when boy's penis is erect and hard to give him more sex pleasure during sex?

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Do women get more pleasure than men during sex?

girls get of more times then guys that's why they like it more. end of story Yes I would say women typically get more pleasure out of sex than us guys. Judging from the gir

Can breast sucking during sex give pleasure?

To Answer this question: I say YES ! And of course sucking gives pleasure and makes me feel more sexy with larger breasts. However, I would love to find out more on wh

Who feels more pleasure during sex?

The woman feels the most pleasure.. as she has orgasms/multiple-orgasms.. and boys its no more pleasurable than wanking RE-Edit: For guys it is not just like wanking it,

Do girls feel pleasure during sex?

They should do. It depends if the male knows what he is doing, or if he wants to make it pleasurable for her. If your a female and not feeling pleasure during sex then you nee

What can you do to a guy during sex to give him the most pleasure?

Want it.. The hottest thing for me as a guy is when the girls wants it more then anything. If she starts giving my head its because she wants to, not because she has to, and

What is the best way to give pleasure to the girl before sex?

First, you gonna wanna kiss her a long time girls like it when men show there interest second make sure your alone girls hate when people watch and third always stay positive

What do you do when you're 15 and have a five inch penis and a girl wants to give you oral sex and doesn't know your size when erect. Should you let her do it or be embarrassed?

Size does not matter. However, your age does matter, and in mostcountries anyone under the age of 16 is comitting a sexual offensewhile some countries (and even some specific

How does penis size affect sexual pleasure during sex?

Researchers have repeatedly shown that penis size does not affectpartner satisfaction during intercourse. Long or short, wide orthin, satisfaction between the sheets, is based
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How do you erect your penis during sex?

When you are sexually attracted to someone you are about to have sex with your penis will automatically erect ready for it. If it does not then you may have an erectile dysfun
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Why does sex give one pleasure?

From an evolutionary perspective, sex is pleasurable because it encourages us to reproduce as a species which is beneficial to our survival. From a biological perspective, se
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Does clit pump get more pleasure during sex?

Yes, it does give more pleasure. The primary organ which gives pleasure is clitoris, so anything that stimulates it is good.