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what are the importance of post office

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Post office is a most oldest & cheaper cost service provider in communication sector

It sends mail to people around the world.

"Post office" is simply "Post," or "Postamt."

FPO = Fleet post office for Navy personel. Apo = Army post office for Army personel

If you're just writing "post office," then no. But if it's a specific post office, yes. For example: "New York City Post Office."

Main Post office (Head Post Office) to Main Post Office (Head Post Office)

The compound noun 'post office' is a common noun as a general word for a local branch of any postal service.Examples:I can stop at the post office.The post office has shipping cartons.The noun 'post office' is a proper noun as part of the name of a specific post office; for example, Springfield Post Office 19064 or Jackson Post Office 45640.A proper noun is always capitalized.

The plural form of post office is post offices.

a mailman works in a post office

Depends which post office you are at.

Information about post office guide.

Will be like a Master post Office

Grand post office General Post Office (UK) pre 1975, now Post Office

spanish for post office is correos

no you do not have to be bonded to work at the post office

i want to know if my payment is in the post office

The first post office in Kerala is at Alappuzha.

General Post Office ended in 2007.

A United States Post Office is a government institution.

The Postmaster General is chief (CEO) of the Post Office.

yes the post office is well known to be haunted, Richard Felix has visited the post office ,

when you say the full name like for example, Marietta Post Office or P.O box (post office box)

We can not answer you because you have not told us in which country this post office worker works. All countries have post office workers.

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