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Your vehicle came with 255/70-16 tires. Original Equipment sizes are tire/wheel combinations that give you the best handling, ride, and mileage. If there is an optional size it will be listed on your vehicle (usually found in the door jam or gas cap) or in the Owner's Manual. Changing the overall diameter of the wheel/tire combination will effect the handling, suspension, mileage, and accuracy of the speedometer. A larger wheel/tire combo will reduce your mileage considerably. It may look good, but will cost you in the long run. But if you insist, go here for more information on what exactly you can install.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-07 21:10:43
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Q: What the largest wheels you can get on a 97 Eddie Bauer explorer without rubbing or effecting the suspension you need wheel and tire size please?
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Cavalier suspension squeak?

Suspension squeaking in a Cavalier can be from suspension parts rubbing together. Check to insure that all of the bushings in the suspension are intact.

What is the largest tire you can put on a 2006 Mitsubishi endeavor?

The Largest tire you can put on any Endeavor with a stock suspension, without rubbing, 2wd or 4wd, is a 245/70/17, These are factory on Durangos and will lift your truck roughly an inch. The is no rubbing of fenders but your speed will be 58.7 at an indicated 60mph on the speedometer.

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Will a255-70-16 in. tire fit on a stock 1994 Ford Explorer without rubbing?

will a 255/70/16 tire fit on a stock 1994 ford explorer without rubbing

What is the biggest tire that can be put on a 1996 Ford Explorer?

the biggest rim that's still under Ford specs is 17". The Biggest? Well I have P275/55/20 on my 95 Ford Explorer which is the same as the 96. The 20" rims really makes my Explorer stand out in the crowd, but there is some rubbing on full turns, left and right. Try 1 size smaller and you should be good. Note: stock suspension

Why would your car be squeaking when you go over bumps?

Most likely cause is that the suspension needs to be greased. Broken suspension components rubbing against other components is also a possibility.

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What causes a rubbing noise when you turn your wheel to the left?

your tires could be to wide or to tall, or your suspension could be low or shot. :)

What is the biggest size tire for Ford Ranger?

31x10.5x15 is about the largest tire you can fit on a stock 15" Ford Rim, without doing any modification to the suspension, aka "lifting", of the truck. You should have full turn radius without rubbing. If you choose to go with aftermarket wheels and suspension, the sky is the limit... I have a 2000 Ford Ranger 4.0L 4x4 off-road and used to run super swamper LTB 31x11.50x15 with no problem. another 1/2 in and i wouldve been rubbing the fender well.

Will 2003 Chevy impala rims fit a 2002 ford explorer?

Ford and Chevy Have always used different sized bolt patterns for their Wheels, on the newer models, they might bolt up but then that leaves the problem of the different types of wheels. Wheels on a front wheel drive car have a lot more back spacing then the wheels of a rear wheel drive car. If the bolt pattern does match up, you will probably run into problems with the Impala wheels rubbing against other suspension parts on the Explorer, Springs, shocks, control arms, ect... could cause damage to the Explorer Suspension. You can try it, i hope it works for ya, but i wouldn't recommend it. Might cost you more for replacing suspension parts in the future. hope this helps

Will 26 inch rims fit on a 2007 Crown Victoria without rubbing?

go to and see their message board in the suspension section.

Will Twenty Two inch rims fit on your 1983 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight Regency without rubbing?

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Will 20 inch rims fit on an 04 dodge stratus rt coupe with out rubbing or altering suspension?

yes, but u might need spacers

What is the largest tire I could put on a 2006 jeep without it rubbing?

It depens on how much lift is on it, but without a lift you should comfortably be able to fit 33x8 sized tires on them with little or no rubbing.

Why is the front rotor rubbing while you drive your 1997 Ford Explorer AWD?

Out of round or metal-metal on the pads or (possibly) bad bearing.

Can you fit 23 inch rims on a 93 Cadillac fleetwood Brougham?

no the you would have to alter the suspension about 2 to 4 inches to fit correctly to prevent rubbing

Largest tires on stock 2005 wrangler w 15 inch rims?

31/10.50 without rubbing

If i put 26s on a ford explorer do i need a lift kit or do i need to take out the plastic in the wheel well from keeping it from rubbing?

Don't do it,you will look like an idiot.

Why does my Audi make creaking noises when driving over rough terrain sound coming from left forward side?

The suspension is rubbing. There is a pad or bushing that has worn and is allowing metal to metal rub.

How can you prevent your 24 inch rims from rubbing in the rear of your 08 dodge charger?

Well, seeing as smaller rims probably aren't going to be an option for you... Check where the tires are rubbing; if it's just a plastic or sheet metal bit, you should be able to trim it enough to clear the tires. If the rubbing is taking place on a more structural piece; you'll have to invest in some suspension upgrades to lift the frame enough for the clearance needed.

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