What the meaning of Man's word is his bond?


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a bond is a financial guarantee in many case. Such as, a contractor must be bonded t insure the completion of the job. A good man's word will act as that - you will only has to trust the good man's word.


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Bandan means bond / bonding.

Originally an old English saying "My word is my bond" basically meaning you're a man or woman who doesn't go back on their word or promise. In the East Coast hip hop community it is a slang word for saying you can trust me. EX: "That girl is cheating on you, word is bond

My word is my bond. The glue will bond your two pages together firmly.

The Slang word... 'Word' comes from the shortening of 'My Word Is My Bond' or 'Word Is Bond' meaning you are serious, or yes it's true. You can use it in various ways but two of the most common are... In agreement, "That was fun"... "Word!" Or in disbelief, "I dropped that bottle of Henny"... "Word?" A maritime brokers' motto. Since 1801 the motto of the London Stock Exchange (in Latin "dictum meum pactum") where bargains are made with no exchange of documents and no written pledges being given. "My word is my bond" as brokers say (or "my word, my bond!")

I will answer your question, my word is my bond.

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