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Without a detailed description you could be in the 100-1000 or more range

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What year is fabrique nationale herstal liege 7mm b.blindee rifle?

No way to answer without a description of ALL markings.

Fabrique nationale herstal liege 7mm rifle?

And your question is?? The 7mm's were made mostly for South American countries such as Venezuela. Email me with a further description for more information.

How operate herstal cal 7mm?

Recommend you ask for assistance at your local gun shop.

What is the approximate worth of a Fabrique Nationale DArmes de Guerre 7mm pistol by Browning?

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of all markings, finish, condition, box, papers, accessories, etc..

Is a savage 110e 7mm also called a 7mm mag?

It should be marked on the barrel. There are other 7mm rounds besides the 7mm Mag.

What is more powerful 7mm or a 308?

that would depend on which 7mm cartridge you are referring too. ie 7mm-08, 7mm Rem mag, etc

Which is bigger the .300 weatherby or the 7mm?

Depends which 7mm your talking about. The only 7mm I know of that has a larger case capacity than the 300 wby mag is the 7mm Remington ultra mag or 7mm rum

How many thousandths is 7mm?

7mm x 1m/1000mm = 0.007m 7mm are 7/1000 of a meter.

When was the browning 7MM invented?

Browning did not invent the 7mm

Value of Winchester model 70 pre 64?

Price of a Winchester model 70 pre 64 in 7mm mag

Can you shoot a 7mm Remington mag in a 7mm Weatherby rifle?

DO NOT DO THIS!!!! The OAL on the 7mm Mag is 2.5 inches and the 7mm Weatherby is 2.55 inches. SInce they headspace on the belt, and due to the freebore in the Weatherby, the 7mm Mag may chamber in the Weatherby. SAAMI lists the 7mm Mag/7mm Weatherby as an unsafe combination one will probably chamber in the other. DO NOT SHOOT UNLESS YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT AMMUNITION!!!!

How wide is 7mm?

In the firearms industry the bore of a 7mm rifle is .284in.

What is larger 7mm ammo or 308 ammo?

The .308 has a larger DIAMETER bullet, being 7.62 mm (versus 7mm) However, SOME 7mm cartridges may be longer than the .308, such as the 7mm Magnum.

Which rifle is the most powerful the 7mm or a 30-06?

Define 7mm. Do you mean 7mm Mauser ( a little less than 30-06), or 7mm Magnum, (a bit more than 30-06)

Is 7mm bigger than 4mm?

Yes, 7mm is bigger than 4mm.

Which is stronger rifle 7mm or 30-06?

7mm generates more pressure.

How big is a jewelry bead that is 7mm?

A 7mm bead is .275 inches in diameter (through the hole).

Can you use a 7mm-08 round in a 7mm rifle?

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, danger, danger.

Is there an AR 7mm Magnum?

AFAIK, no one has tried to make an AR upper in 7mm Magnum

Which is larger in inches 7mm or 1cm?

1cm = 10mm Therefore 1cm is larger than 7mm

Can you shoot a 7mm mauser round in a 7mm Remington mag?

No. Two entirely different cartridges.

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