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What the qb name for NFL vikings?

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starting qb is Brett farve.

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Who ran a 4.19 in NFL combine?

Brett Favre - QB of the Vikings

What is the average height and weight of an NFL QB?

The average height of a NFL QB is 6'3". The average weight of a NFL QB is 230 pounds.

Who the fastest qb in the NFL?

The fastest QB ever to enter the nfl is Michael Vick.

Who Was the Quarterback when the Minnesota Vikings played in the Super Bowl?

In 1969 the Vikings superbowl QB was Gary Cuozzo, in 1973-74 the QB was Bob Berry, and in 1976 the QB was Bob Lee.

Do the vikings have a chance to win a Super Bowl?

They have a 1/32 chance of winning and so does everyone in the NFL. Depends on how well they train and how good their QB is

Why Should Joe Webb be the Minnesota Vikings Franchise Quarterback?

He should only be the starter because he is an athlete, other then that he should not be a starting QB in the NFL

Who is the biggest qb ever in the NFL?

Dan McGwire at 6 foot 8 was the tallest qb in the NFL.

Who holds the record for most fumbles in a season?

As of the 2008 NFL season, the most fumbles by a player is 23 by QB Kerry Collins of the New York Giants in 2001 and QB Daunte Culpepper of the Minnesota Vikings in 2002.

What team did drew bledsoe play when he attempted an NFL high 70 passes?

Bledsoe was the QB for the Patriots and the opponents were the Minnesota Vikings. The game was played in 1994.

Oldest active NFL qb?

The oldest, active QB in NFL right now is Matt Hasselbeck(36).

Who holds the career record for most rush yards by a QB in nfl history?

That would be Randall Cunningham with 4,928 career rushing yards. Cunningham was a QB with the Eagles, Vikings, Cowboys, and Ravens during his 16 season career.

Who was the starting quarterback for the Miami Vikings in the 1974 Super Bowl?

The Miami Dolphins starting QB was Bob Griese and the Minnesota Vikings starting QB was Fran Tarkenton.

Who played Most at NFL QB?

The most games played by an NFL QB is 273 by Brett Favre between 1991-2008.

Who was qb in 2011 for Minnesota Vikings?

Christian Ponder and Donavon McNabb.

Name 4 sports that the vikings played?

pilage, plunder, burn, nfl football

Which former Eagles quarterback signed by the Vikings came back to lead the NFC in QB rating after a brief retirement?

Randall Cunningham led the NFC in QB rating after retiring from the eagles and then signed by the Vikings.

Did howard wolff play for the Minnesota Vikings in 1970?

No one by the name of Howard Wolff has ever played in the NFL much less for the Vikings.

Who has the best QB rating in NFL history?

Aaron Rodgers had and career best and set an NFL record with is 122.5 single season QB rating!

Who is the best back up qb in the NFL?

Kevin Kolb is the best back-up QB in the NFL. He is a highs men trophy award winner.

The worst QB in the NFL?

the worst qb in the nfl is chase Daniels of the new orlean saints.hes afraid of contact.cery poor accuracy.well that's all.

Who was quarterback in Super Bowl ix?

The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Minnesota Vikings, 16-6, in Super Bowl IX. The Steelers starting QB was Terry Bradshaw and the Vikings starting QB was Fran Tarkenton.

What NFL QB has had the most concussions?

Steve Young I believe had 7 in his career. Troy Aikman had 10....not sure if any QB in the NFL had more than that...

Which person that is famous has a name that ends in Montana?

Hannah Montana Joe Montana, NFL Hall of Fame QB

Which NFL player wears number 17?

QB - Kellen Moore QB - Ryan Parrilloux QB - Phillip Rivers QB - Ryan Tannehill K - Shane Graham

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