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The role of the twelve Imam a.s (Imam Al Mahdi a.j) has many benifets;

The benefit which we get it from his existence as the benefit which we get it from Sun even if it is covered by clouds. All beings like trees, human beings, plants, lands need sun light. And if it is beyond clouds: If night is continuing for ever, can we say that life will continue in this world? The existence of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (May Allah hastens his gracious appearance) gives brightness to this world and without him the world will be dark. Without him there is no light, stability, etc. Can we live without the existence of sun?

The existence of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (May Allah hastens his gracious appearance) is a kind of mercy for us, he helps poor people, guide the lost people, and save the believers. Do you see how many sick man was recovered by the blessings of Al-Imam Al-Mahdi (May Allah hastens his gracious appearance)?

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Q: What the role of twelve imam in Islam?
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How many imam are there?

twelve Imams in Islam

What role does the successors specifically the Imam line of successors play in Shiite Islam?

political and spiritual leadership of Islam community.

What is the importance of the role of the imam in Muslim life?

The Imam is like the priest. He is the one that leads the Islamic prayer. Anyone can be an Imam but he should have vast knowledge about Islam and he should also have memorized many surahs in the Quran.

How old can be the imam in Islam?

The minimum age for Imam is the age of Puberty.

How many imams of Islam?

In Sunni Islam there are four Imams, for four schools of thought. Imam Abu Hanifa, imam shafi, imam malik and imam hanble. Follow any one of these imams and you will not be led astray.

What is the name of Islam pastor?

an Imam

Who is the prayer leader in Islam?


What has the author Imam Munawwir written?

Imam Munawwir has written: 'Mengapa umat Islam dilanda perpecahan' -- subject- s -: Islam

What is the role of an imam?

an imam is a person who leads the prayer .

Do Islam have pastors?

no in Islam there is only the imam,who is following the excample of the prophets

How do you become an imam?

The word Imam means Leader. In Islam an Imam is one who leads the prayer. Anyone who is a Muslim and knows the Islamic prayer can be a Imam. Imam is the leader of the prayer.

What is an Imam?

An imam is a religious leader in Islam. One of his duties is to lead prayers in the mosque.

Who are important islamic leaders?

in Shia Islam Imam Khomeini and today Imam Khamenei

What is the Islam church leader name?


In Islam who leads the prayers in a mosque?

The Imam.

Who is the leader of the Islam prayer?

He/She is called Imam

Does a Imam belong to the Islam religion?

All imams are followers of the religion of Islam.

Who is Islams leader today?

Not only today,but in past and in upcoming islam holds one only leader,guider and role model for all of us-prophet salalahu alaihi wassalam. Answer Imam Mahdi (as) and Imam Khamenei

What is a minister called in Islam?

An Islamic minister is called an Imam (إمام).

How did Imam Ali convert to Islam?

Imam Ali(AS) was born as a Muslim inside Kaba. He is Muslim from birth.

Title of local spiritual of Islam?

Imam or Sheihk

Who is the first commander of Islam?

Hazrat Imam Ali

Name of the person in Islam who does the daily worship?


Who is monk of the Islam?

Imam Musa Alkhadhim (a.s)

What is an lmam?

Imam means leader. Imam is a person who leads the prayer class. A person who has done great research in some field of Islam is also called Imam e.g. Imam in Jurisprudence (Fiqah) or Imam in Hadith.