What the root word of sens?

"Sens", the street term for marijuana or cannabis, ultimately derives from the word "sinsemilla", which means "seedless". The following is a regressive etymology of the word "sens":

Contemporary English; <sensi; <sensimilla; <sinsemilla, <American Spanish 1975-80 sin without (<Latin sine) semilla seed (<Old Span. dialectic semilia <Late Latin seminia <Latin semen seed

The term "sinsemilla" was used to refer to high potency female marijuana plants grown in the absence of male plants to prevent the buds from "going to seed", thus ensuring a higher yields of product suitable for smoking or vaporizing. Since plants generally do not produce seeds, propagation is usually achieved by taking cuttings from a "mother" plant, which is kept in a vegetative state (prevented from flowering). Seeds are only produced as part of intentional breeding programs or by accident when an occasional male seed is distributed with "feminized seeds". Many other commercial crops are produced this way, including all hybridized plants (tomatoes, apples, etc.).