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The United States House of Representatives has two parts. Its parts are the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate. The Congress makes Federal Laws.

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What are the two houses of national legislature called?

House of Represenatives and the Senate

Are members of the House of Representatives called Senators?

No, they are called represenatives. Members of the Senate are called senators.

What the senate and the house of representatives together are called?

The House of Representatives and the Senate together are called The United States Congress.

Which group of congress has more members house or senate?

House because the house of represenatives has 435 N the senate has100

Is senate a branch of congress?

Yes, Congress is made up by the House of Represenatives and The Senate

What two houses comprise congress?

the senate and the house of represenatives

Who are the leaders of the Legislative branch?

The congress, the Senate, and The House of Represenatives

Who are the current senators in the house?

none, senators are in the senate. The house is made up of represenatives.

What do you call the legislative branch in the government?

In the united states, it is called the Senate, consisting of Fifty represenatives hand-picked by the president. In less major matters of the goverment, the House of Represenatives, which is two men or women from each state come together to debate with majority.

What does a capital building do?

the u.s. senate and house of represenatives meet there and do there thing.

The US congress is made of what two institutions?

senate & house of represenatives

What is the numerical make up of the US Senate and house of represenatives?

The house is made up of 435 members, while the senate has 100.

What is the name of the lower and upper house for the legislative branch?

Lower house: House of Represenatives Upper house: Senate

What did the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan form?

The Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan formed the compromise of the US Senate and House of Represenatives. The Virginia Plan called for votes of population (House of Represenatives) and the New Jersey Plan called for a fixed state vote (Senate). A law must pass through both house to become passed.

What the Senate and House of Representatives together are called together?

legislative branch In Australia, the Senate and the House of Representatives together make up the Federal Parliament.

How many senators vote in the house of represenatives?

No senators vote in the house of representatives. Senators vote in the Senate.

House of represenatives have more power over the nation's money than the senate?

The House does have more power over the Senate when it comes to the nation's money.

What are the 2 branches of the legislative?

The legislature branch has two houses, the House of Represenatives and the Senate.

What is John McCain's experience with politics?

U.S. House of Represenatives, navy, and U.S. senate

How are the senate and the house of represenatives different?

They are different, because they are both located in differnet areas

Does the senate have two members or senators per state?

The US senate has 100 members. There are two members per state. But, the house of represenatives, depends on the states poplulation. For example, California has more people in the house of represenatives than wyoming.

What is the congress and house of representatives called together?

Well the Senate and House of Representatives together is called congress and it is the Legislative Branch of Government.

Who are Utahs house of represenatives?

how many represenatives are in utah's house of represenatives

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