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What the term brake rotor means a term that British people understand?

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How about Brake Disk

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What does capable of being understood mean?

It means that people can understand you

What does the brake lamp means on the Honda accord 1991?

It means one of your rear brake lights are out. Not the tailights but the brake light(s).

Why do people say 'good luck'?

to wish them well yes also just like brake a leg but brake a leg means good luck and good luck means wish you well

What is holla mean?

it means hello for all you white people out there that can't understand

What does it mean when people say they know?

it means that people dont know the question or do not understand By JAMMO XX

Why is the brake light on on the dash?

It means there is a problem with your brake system.

What does it mean when people wiggle their nose in Puerto Rico?

It means "what?" or "I don't understand what are you saying"

What does comprenden mean in spanish?

It literally means "they understand" but if it is a question it means "do they understand?"

What is another homonym for the word break?

A homonym for break is brake. Break means to wreck something, and brake means to stop.

What does being British mean?

beind british means nt knowing what being british means

What does red BRAKE light on dash of 97 Camry mean?

It means that your parking brake is on. :-) Or there is a problem with the brake system, as in low brake fluid.

What does is mean when the brake light on a 1997 dodge avenger?

The red brake light on the dash means that the brake fluid is low or the parking brake is on.

Why was the british empire the strongest in World War 1?

the british empire was the strongest because they had large overseas which means they had a lot of people in it

What does the red brake light mean in a ml320?

it means your emergancy brake is up

What does no comprende mean?

No comprende means 'He/she/you do not understand.' It is also a question, as in " no comprende? which means "You don't understand?"

Atticus tells his children you never really understand a person until you consider things?

it means that you need to stay away from people if you dont understand em.

How did primitive people live?

They did all the possible means just to survive and to make history for the people today to understand how it was in the olden days.

What does je ne comprends pas pouve-vous m'expliquer mean?

It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?" It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?" It means "I don't understand, can you explain to me?"

What does Ace mean in British slang?

In Britain, ace means awesome. You'll hear it a lot when British people found something cool.

Is slang easy for people from other countries to understand?

No, slang is difficult for anyone to understand. People from America, Britain, and Australia have a lot of trouble understanding each other. It's even harder for people who don't speak the language. Slang is hard to understand if you don't already know what it means.

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No one can understand the "dog language" except for dogs. There are people who say that they are "dog whisperer's" meaning they can understand dogs but that's not true. You might understand your dog by how it acts but only dogs understand what it means if they bark.

How old do you have to be to be Bi?

Age doesn't matter but you have to understand what it means usually people that are young are bi-curious

Is Hitler killing people today whether spiritually or physically?

Sorry, but I don't understand what this question means.

What does e mpathic mean?

"Empathic" means able and likely to understand how other people feel emotionally.

What does it mean when the brake lamp light goes on in a 2000 Honda Accord SE?

Normally it means the master cylinder is low of brake fluid which also means your brake pads are worn out or you have a leak.