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Q: What theory of motivation is related to the Carrot and stick theory of motivation?
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Is the carrot and stick theory a positive or negative means of motivating an employee?

Both. The carrot is a positive motivation, and the stick is a negative one.

For dieters is a carrot stick a carrot or a stick?

It is a tiny chopped up piece of carrot made to look like a stick. It helps well on diets.

What is Carrot and Stick Diplomacy?

The phrase ''carrot and the stick'' is used nowadays to characterize a foreign policy by which a nation is to be rewarded with a carrot or punished with a stick, depending on its future behavior.

What is the carrot on the stick on minecraft?

the carrot on a stick is actually a carrot on a stick. It can be used to control the pigs to come to you, same a the normal carrot. You can use it to control which way your pig goes if you ride it in which you would need a saddle to get on it.

When was Carrot or Stick - House - created?

Carrot or Stick - House - was created on 2011-01-24.

Carrot and stick approach of motivation?

The carrot and stick theory describes a policy of offering rewards and punishment simultaneous in order to achieve a goal or incite desired behavior. This can come in the form of tax cuts or other benefits as the carrot, but at the cost of violence and threats by the government as the stick.

How do you use carrot on a stick in Minecraft?

If you place a saddle on a pig you can use the carrot and the stick to gide him to were you want to go.

What are the benefits of using carrot and stick theory?

every human being have something that they want to attract (refers to carrot) and some that the wanna avoid (refer to stick). since it's the basic human instinct, the teory will work just great. they will work to get the carrot n avoid the stick. professionally saying employees will have either,the interest to succeed or the interest to avoid punishment and might as well do both :)

how can I better achieve my goals?

One of the biggest challenges in meeting any goal, whether it be related to changing a habit, exercising, just becoming happier or just to graduate, is finding the motivation to stick with it. Motivation is the key and find out that motivation.

If you stick a carrot in the dirt wll it grow?

Yes, a carrot is a root, and it can be used to grow a new carrot plant. You may have to water it.

How do you craft carrot on a stick in minecraft?

A carrot on a stick can be crafted in your inventory like this: (Key: F=Fishing Rod C=Carrot O=Nothing)1st row: F O2nd row: O C

Allows you to bite the carrot stick?

Masseter, temporalis, lateral, pterygoid medial, pterygoid are the chewing muscles which move your teeth so you can bite the carrot stick