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a Christmas gift for a bad child haha

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Bad things about coal that can be good?

you can make pencils with it

What can you make coal out of?

you cannot make coal but you can make charcoal or charcloth

What is the factor that people use to classify natural resources as renewable or nonrenewable?

Can a resource be replenished? Things like lumber/timber are renewable- you can grow more trees. Things like coal are not- you cannot make more coal.

What are good things about coal?

The good thing about coal is that it produces electricity!

How do you make coal on alchemy classic?


How do you make money in runscape for non members?

Mine coal. You can't cut good logs nor high alc things as a non-member, but you can mine coal and sell it.

Uses of coal?

Some of the uses of coal are it can be burnt to make energy and electricity! Coal also is used to make steel !

How does coal affect living things?

coal affects living things by helping veges grow and helps you start your BBQ

What can you use this Coal for?

People can use coal for lots of things including, burning

What is the aim of the coal industry of the UK?

To make coal

How do you make coal on alxemy?


What is the total percentage of coal?

compared to what. Percentage of coal used to make iron/steel, or percentage of coal shipped overseas, or percentage of coal used to make electricity, or....

What are non renewable things?

Things like oil and coal.

What materials was used to make coal trucks?

what materials were used to make coal trucks

What are things that Pennsylvania is famous for?


How do you make coal in Doodle God?

Wood+Fire=Coal OR Tree+Fire=Coal

Does coal make gas?

No, coal does not fart. NO DIP, OF COURSE COAL MAKES GAS!

What can you make out of carbon?

From just carbon, coal, graphite and diamond; if you add some other things you can make virtually any substance known to man.

Why coal mining is good?

Coal mining is good because it is used to get a very important natural resource, coal. Coal is used in many things and without coal mining we could not do those things. They were used on the first trains and in stoves to keep old log houses warm.

What do we use coal for?

We use coal to make electricity and fire.

How do you make a crow on Alxemy?

Bird and coal

How do you make coal in alchemy classic?

Peat + Earth = Coal

What are the causes of coal mining?

Coal mining is done to collect coal, which can be used for a number of things. Coal can be used for burning in power plants for electricity, and can be condensed into diamonds.

What are the benefits on mining coal?

Well you can make steel with two coal and one iron basically you can make a lot of high level metals coal.

What are some products made out of coal?

There are various uses of coal out of which 85% of coal is burned to generate electricity. The ash is sometimes used in building products. Much coal is converted to coke, which is largely used to make steel. Some coal is used to make natural gas, and CTL (Coal to liquid) processes coming on line can make gasoline or diesel fuel. Coal is also used to make many chemicals, such as medicines, paint thinner, varnish, and insecticides. There are some bye-products of coal such as coal Tar , coal tar pitch

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