What things did Ian Gutgold need to know to invent the hair straightener?

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That person didn't invent the hair straightener. Even if Wikipedia says so. Some kids a few years back edited that page and put a kid's name from my school named into it and it never got deleted for 6 years. How it has remained unchecked is unbelievable. Besides, does that sound like name of a 20th century inventor?
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How do you straighten hair?

You either have to use a straightener, or use different hair products that will help your hair to be less curly. Get your hair relaxed? When I straighten my hair I start top to bottom and I go one layer at a time. It takes me about 15 minutes

Why do you need to know if things are renewable?

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Who invented the hair straightener?

It may have been the Paul Mitchell companies of hair products. But--- There is much evidence to suggest that straightening combs, hot irons were available as far back as 1872. And it was around this time a person called Marcel Grateau (a Parisian) who started using heated rods to straighten hair. ( Full Answer )

How do you straighten your hair?

Follow these steps to straightening your hair - The Right Way! Choose one of the following according to how strait you want you hair: Straight: First of all, comb your hair, making sure there are no knots. Then turn on your hair straightener, and if you have temperature settings on your stra ( Full Answer )

What does a hair straightener do?

a hair straightener is a device used to straighten hair with heat using two hot plates, usually ceramic, that heat up, you then clamp the plates over a small section of hair and slide it down root to tip.. they heat the curl and frizz out of your hair so it is silky smooth

How do you straighten your hair without straighteners?

You can use straightening products such as shampoo's and conditioner's, serums and sprays. For me, I have naturally curly hair so I use a straightening shampoo + conditioner ex: Herbal Essences "Dangerously Straight". Let it air dry, using a blow dryer only makes it more "pouf-y". I dont think you ( Full Answer )

How do you straighten hair using straighteners and a comb?

Well, all people do it differently. The common way is to while bringing the straightener down your hair, take a comb underneath and come it through while straightening your hair. It makes your hair smooth and silky afterwards. If this doesn't explain it well enough, go onto www.youtube.com. Here is ( Full Answer )

Straightening your hair?

to straighten your hair, it matters what your hair is like curly: first brush your hair out very very well The straighten two inch sections at a time Then I recommend brushing again Then lightly straighten again Wavy: Comb your hair lightly Straighten 1 1/2 inch at a time tousle hair and lightly s ( Full Answer )

What date was the hair straightener invented?

The first heat rods were created and used in 1872 by Erica Feldman, who took heated irons and applied them to the head to shape hair. But she did not create an actual device to straighten hair. Ian Gutgold was the first to experiment with hair-straightening chemicals but stopped his experimentation ( Full Answer )

What is a hair straightener?

its something that heats up and you put your hair in it and it makes your hair go straight if you want to see one conair makes alot of different straightners

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Things that need to be invented?

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How do you get your hair straightened without a straightener?

One way to straighten your hair without using a flat iron is to blow out your curls/waves using a blow dryer. It is best to use a round brush for this, to smooth out the hair. Work in sections and run the blow dryer over each section, using the brush to pull the hair taut. Paddle brushes can work as ( Full Answer )

Who invented hair straightener?

The first hair straightener was invented by Ian Gutgold using harsh chemicals in lotions applied to the hair and scalp. However, these preparations often led to scorched scalps and damaged hair. Simon E. Monroe patented a hair straightener in 1906 that was comprised of metallic teeth that are com ( Full Answer )

Can you straighten your hair without using a straightener?

you can with the iron ive seen it being done on tv but i don't know if it melts your hair.to be honest if you don't own a pair of straightners and you have curly hair(like i do) all you can really do is brush it over and over again (even if it is a wee bit sore),get your mum to straighten it with he ( Full Answer )

Straighten hair lose hair?

Straightening hair won't necessarily cause you to lose hair, though it will damage it causing breakage. I recommend taking precautions. Go for a hot oil treatment(use coconut oil/extra virgin olive oil plus vitamin E) stay natural, avoid putting too many chemicals on your hair. If you want your hair ( Full Answer )

How do you straighten the hair?

You use straigteners. Also with Brazilian keratin treatment will be straight silk and soft,and you can.

Why were straighteners invented?

Straighteners were invented because in the early 1600's many women took fashion very seriously. The fur coats and big hats were in, but their hair wasn't really thought much about. They would always keep their hair up tight in a bun since perfection was key back then. It wasn't until late 1650's whe ( Full Answer )

How can you straighten you hair with out using a straightener?

my sisters friend used an iron . You don't have to use a flat iron or a straightener, just the right products, a blow dryer and some good technique! :) Check the related links section below for step by step instructions to get straight hair without a flat iron.

Can you loose hair from a hair straightener?

I've been using a hair straightener for around 2 years now and I have very thick hair. No it's not usual to lose hair when you straighten it but it can happen because some of your hair gets caught in the straightener and you accidentally pull it out. But also straightening your hair is somewhat ba ( Full Answer )

When you use the straightener to straighten your hair what should you know?

It's imperative that straighteners should only ever be used on completely dry hair because electricity and water don't mix.. Before you start, give your hair a good brush to distribute the natural oils present and to encourage the cuticle to lie flat; this should help minimise damage.. If you're s ( Full Answer )

Will straightening shampoo straighten permed hair?

It depends on what kind of hair perm you got.With a straightening perm(rebonding),you actually need to use straightening shampoo to straighten it to keep your hair that way for months.If you got a curly perm however,don't take the risk until your curly perm has fully grown out.If not, you waste your ( Full Answer )

Can you take hair straighteners on board?

I'm guessing you can because they're not sharp. I've take hair supplies like a hair straightener on board with me many times and nothing happened so you should be good.

How does straightening your hair damage your hair?

the heat of the iron causes your ends to break, normally called split ends. the split ends keep the hair from growing and staying healthy. that's why it is good to get a trim once a month to keep the damage hair away and allow your hair to grow healthy. so when you straighten it and it gets damaged ( Full Answer )

Can you straighten your hair with hair dryer?

Yes, you can. You need to buy a straightening brush from a drug store. All you do is point the dryer straight down over your wet hair and comb through it with the brush. Ta-da!

How do you straighten my hair with hair cream?

There are over the counter cream straighteners available, but I would strongly advise against using these. They can permanently damage your hair to the point where it looks like a weird clown wig. Try getting a haircut by a stylist that is experienced with curly hair who can tell you what you can ( Full Answer )

What does the hair straightener do for your hair?

Many people use a "Hair Straightener" for beauty. Although you can really damage your hair by doing so, what I mean by this is that is you can Burn your hair and can cause dieing hair which is NOT attractive at all. Something you can do is get a hair cut maybe 2 - 3 times a Month and every o ( Full Answer )

Which GHD hair straightener can straighten the hair well?

You don't have to go salons any more every time you want to have a different kind of hair style. You may want to have straight hair when you attend a formal occasion like a wedding or you might want curly or wavy hair for a party or frizzy hair when you go to the disco. Whatever look you wish to hav ( Full Answer )

Can you use a hair straightener to straighten a paper?

Well I believe so. Because an iron in a odd fashion is sort of like a hair straightener. And you can straighten paper with an iron. So yes you can just on low heat so you dint burn the paper. Hope this helps. -big peeney

Why do you need to know the density of things?

To have knowledge about their property in the real physical world. You can also calculate how much mass an object has if you know how big it is. For example: * Low density objects floats on water. * High density objects sink in water.

Is hair straightening good for hair?

So, so. I straighten my hair way to much! And I have noticed it is getting less soft and silky feeling. USE HEAT PROTECTION! I haven't used it in too long and now my hair is not as nice as it used to be. I'm going to invest 3 bucks in heat protection LOL!

What things should I put in my hair before straightening it by flat-ironing?

Before flat-ironing hair a heat protection product needs to be sprayed or applied (if a serum) on to prevent burning. Some people use large amounts of hair spray, but there are special products designed just for heat protection that will work. Some examples are: Pantene Fine Hair Heat Protection & S ( Full Answer )

Why did CJ Walker invent the first hair straightener?

Because she thought that it was important for hair to look nice to try and become a bride. Also to look attractive to men. She first got interested in hair care because she noticed that so many African-American women lived in poverty and developed scalp diseases from a lack of care for their hair.

What is the easiest way to straighten your hair with a straightener?

The easiest for me is to go from bottom to top... so usually start with my bangs (if you have any The i go for behind my ears then go for behind my neck then i go for the top.. TIPS: Go really slow on some pieces that are really curly witch means they go curly if you don't! Trust me i'm a teenager i ( Full Answer )

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What styling products are needed to straighten curly hair?

Curly hair is a beautiful thing, but some women like to straighten their hair because sometimes the curls are hard to manage. When you get your hair trimmed ask your stylist what styling products she recommends.

What things to know before you dye your hair?

It is indeed a fact that if you arelooking to get rid of your gray hair or simply intend to support anew look then dying is the most ideal option to achieve it. Butunfortunately, hair dying can lead to grave consequences leading tohair damage and unnecessary drying of your hair when usedinappropriat ( Full Answer )