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That person didn't invent the hair straightener. Even if Wikipedia says so. Some kids a few years back edited that page and put a kid's name from my school named into it and it never got deleted for 6 years. How it has remained unchecked is unbelievable. Besides, does that sound like name of a 20th century inventor?

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Q: What things did Ian Gutgold need to know to invent the hair straightener?
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Who invent the hair straightener?

Laci Hill

Who invented hair straightener?

The first hair straightener was invented by Ian Gutgold using harsh chemicals in lotions applied to the hair and scalp. However, these preparations often led to scorched scalps and damaged hair. Simon E. Monroe patented a hair straightener in 1906 that was comprised of metallic teeth that are combed through the hair, while in 1909 Issac K. Shero patented a hair straightener comprised of two flat irons that are heated and pressed together. Years later, Sharrell invented heated metal hair-care implements, such as hot combs. The hot metal straightener slid easily through the hair, causing less damage and dryness than previously-used techniques. Later, ceramic and electrical straighteners were introduced, allowing for adjustment of heat settings and straightener size.

Where was the straightener invented?

to create a revolution in hair and hair products and invent a new way to emphaisise girls beauty

Where were hair straighteners invented?

in 1912 by Ian Gutgold.

How can you curl your hair like Stars with the hair straightener?

you get a strand of hair and straighten it first, then you hold on to the end of it with the straightener and wrap your hair around the straightener.

What is an Ion Hair Straightener?

An ion hair straightener is a straightener that changes the atoms in the hair to ions. This makes the hair smoother, sleeker and makes it look more healthy.

What are the parts to a hair straightener?

the plates ar the metal things on the inside i think?

What materials are needed to make a hair straightener?

what materials are needed to make a hair straightener?

What happens if you use your hair straightener on wet hair?

It does more damage than if you use a straightener on dry hair.

How much does a GHD hair straightener cost?

A GHD hair straightener ranges about $150.00 US Dollars. More information about the GHD hair straightener and pricing options can be found on the GHD Hair website.

Where can one find guides about how to curl hair with a straightener?

Attempting to curl hair with a straightener does not work. A straightener removes moisture from hair, causing it to stay straight and keeping it from forming curls

What type of straightener is best for dry hair?

I recomend the Conair Wet/Dry Hair Straightener.

What is hair staighteners in German?

hair straightener = Haarglätter (literally meaning hair straightener)

What is the difference between a hair dryer and a hair straightener?

A dryer is used when the hair is wet to dry and style hair. A straightener is used to straighten dry hair.

What does a hair straightener do to your hair?

straightens your hair

How do you straighten hair with a curling iron?

You don't twist your hair in it. Just pretend it's a straightener and put your hair in between the two things and.......straighten!

How much energy does a hair straightener use?

it depends on the straightener

What hair straightener does Miley Cyrus use?

A chi straightener.

How do you curl your hair with straiteners?

you take the straightener and close your hair in it then turn the straightener till how u want it

How many watts per second does a hair straightener need?

hair straightener uses 1500 watts

What is a chi straightener used for?

The chi straightener is a type of straightener. It blocks out moisture and holds hair styles much longer than other brands do. With this straightener, even curly hair turns super soft and straight, as if your hair was naturally straight. The problem is that the chi straightener's price is on the high side, for about $99.

Which hair straightener is best for colored hair?

The Sedu hair straightener works well for colored hair, and is able to withstand heat and light for a long time.

What hair straightener damages hair less?

Ceramic hair straighteners damage your hair less. For example, NP Ceramic Hair Straightener. They are usually more expensive, but it's worth it.

Straight pubic hair?

Hair straightener

Purpose of the hair straightener?

To straighten your hair.