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Blu-ray, ipad, iphone, Wii, artisan lettuces, Ito En tea in bottles, text messaging, Kindle, Splenda, and baby food in blister packs instead of jars.

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How long ago did mermaids exist?

They didnt they are mythical

What are 2 jobs that didnt exist in 1980 or 30 years ago?

A Wiki answers CEO and an employee of google.

Did van Gogh go to Jim?

Do you mean a gym? Such things did not exist 125 years ago.

How long ago did the Mastodons exist?

From 33.9 million years ago to 11,000 years ago.

Things that did not exist 30 years ago?

Many things did not exist before the year 1974. Some examples include DVDs, iPods, electronic readers, the internet and laptops.

When did Pangaea exist?

From about 300 million years ago to 180 million years ago.

How many years ago did horses exist?

Around fifty million years ago.

What things did not exist on cars 50 years ago?

Electronic Control Modules, air bags, crumple panels.

How long ago did laurasia and gondwanaland exist?

it existed about 180 million years ago to about 100million years ago

How many years did neanderthals exist?

They started to evolve 600,000 years ago, and were fully developed 130,000 years ago. They died out about 27,000 years ago.

How long ago did Pangea exist?

Pangaea (or Pangea) was on Earth from about 300 million years ago to 180 million years ago.

What are some things that did not exist 25 years ago?

Smart phones, modern pcs, high tech gaming systems, ect.

When did atlantis exist?

According to Plato, 11,000 to 12,000 years ago.It existed over 100,000 years ago.

How long has Islam exist?

from 1432 years ago by Islamic calendar and 1390 years ago by Georgian calendar

Did dinasours exist?

dinasours did exist , millions of years ago . They died because of meteroids

Did dinosaurs exist 3 billion years ago?

No, dinosaurs did not exist until 231.4 million years ago. No animals or plants existed 3 billion years ago. All life forms at that time were single celled organisms.

How long ago did dinasaurs exist?

65million years ago hope this helps C:

Did fashion exist 10 years ago?

Fashion has existed for thousands of years.

What technology products did not exist 5 years ago?

One thing that did not exist 5 years ago was the Android Razar XL by verison. The 3DS XL didn't either.

What kitchen gadgets didnt exist 50years ago?

Microwave. Digital scales, Instant boiling water taps.

Why did oceans not exist nearly 4 billion years ago?

We have no idea whether or not there were oceans 4 billion years ago.

Did our system's Sun explode 14 billion years ago?

Our Sun did not exist till about five billion years ago.

Did the moa exist before the dinosaurs?

No, Moas lived from about 17 million years ago until about 600 years ago. Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

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