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What things do jesters use?

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In the Middle Ages jesters were used to cheer up the King. They used props and comedy such as a puppet, a fun, festive, creative outfit to wear, the most popular color of dress was red or green. What you consider comedy today was basically what jesters did while entertaining.

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What is a jesters stick called?

A Jesters' Staff

What did medieval jesters do in their free time?

They could practice jokes and other necessary things

When was Digital Jesters created?

Digital Jesters was created in 2003.

When was New Orleans Jesters created?

New Orleans Jesters was created in 2003.

Why do jesters wear bright clothing?

jesters would wear bright colours to stand out

What is the duration of The Jesters TV series?

The duration of The Jesters - TV series - is 1740.0 seconds.

Flyff billposter high hp high asal?

asal is for nubs use jesters hop

Did jesters get paid?


Where did Jesters live in Medieval times?

Medieval Jesters traveled from castle to castle, in the Medieval town.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Jesters - 2009?

The Jesters - 2009 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:M

Where do jesters live?


Did the Romans have jesters?


Who became court jesters?

Court jesters were people who seemed funny to the monarch. This feature was mostly based on their wit.

When was The Jesters - TV series - created?

The Jesters - TV series - was created on 2009-09-08.

How were jesters treated?

jesters were treated on how ever the king was feeling that day. if he was in a really bad mood the jester might be beheaded.

Do jesters sing?

yes because jesters were people to entertain the king or queen. So they would sing, dance etc.

Where did court jesters live?

In the castle

What did jesters do in the Middle Ages?

They Jested.

Are there Jesters in Tudor Times?


Royal order of jesters?

From the related link: "Jesters are made from members of the Shrine in good standing. Membership is by invitation only, not application.".

What were jesters like?

Jesters of the middle ages often had some type of deformity. They dressed in bright colors and entertained the royalty with their antics.

Is it true that jesters were thrown in the dungeon if they were bad?

There were many lords and many jesters. It wasn't standard practice, but no doubt sometimes happened.

Where did medieval jesters live?

Jesters (the term 'jester' was not even coined until the Tudor times in England) were a diverse group of entertainers who lived in a variety of places. Court jesters lived in medieval castles and were specifically employed by the king or barons.

What did jesters eat?

Depending on the monarch's whim, jesters generally as well as anyone in the court. They were considered important distraction from the drudgery of everyday life.

How old is a jester in medieval times?

A jester could be of any age. The most important things about jesters were that they had to be entertaining, and this can be done by young and old alike.