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Things guys appreciate: -backrubs -footrubs -running fingers through there hair -singing to them -giving them a bath/footbath -massages -cooking for them -calling just to say you love them -saying thankyou -telling them you are proud of them -smiling and being joyfull when on the phone w/ them -telling them how much you miss them -lifting them up with words write me for further info


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Make sure you put him first over yourself. Make him dinner. Cuddle with him. Get up and get stuff for him when he asks. Never question his reasoning!

You could carelessNO! you dont stop caring, just yell at your mom, list things WHY she SHOULD like your boyfriend, or you can secretly date your boyfriend, with out her knowing=

It depends on what you want, you should make a list of all the good things, and all the bad things, then see which has more :)

A list of things needed for Girl Scout camp should be given/mailed to you when you register for the camp or it might be listed in the camp registration/information booklet or on the Girl Scout council's web site for the camp you are attending.

There are many things that you could list out of respect for the flag. You should list how to take care of it.

skai jackson does not have a boyfriend most people think that jj is her boyfriend i should know i am peyton list

In order for you to make a decision of whether to stay with your boyfriend or go back to your ex boyfriend make a list of the good and bad qualities of each young man and then put the list away for a week or two and then read it. You will know by looking at the list why you and your ex really broke up and who is the young man you should really be with.

He should go through the list of things he wants in a girl. And pick the one that has the most qualities Then ask her out.

Think of all the things that you love about the girl and list them one by one.

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List of interesting things to talk to a girl is not the right way you should just go up to the girl and say what u have in mind but doing a list is a wast of time sometimes there not even helpful so why try. This is what you should do, first see the girl and smile walk up to her and say hi hey something like that and then pick a subject,classes,home,something that is interesting for her then if she goes along with tour conversation then ask her for a walk or just stay there and keep her entertained she will talk to u after a while

The date is March 18, 2012, and Peyton List does NOT have a boyfriend.

Act cool. Make a list of good things that can happen between the two of you. (dont show her) Ask her out when you feel confidence.

uhh. more than likely you dont cuz if they got a boyfriend then they probaly are number 1 on their ''like the most'' list. if a boy asked me out and i had a boyfriend i probaly would say no unless they are a person who that girl has liked for a long time cuz i wud. hope this was helpful:)

I list things like customer service, work ethic, organisational. I list things like customer service, work ethic, organisational.

Be wise and think about how he treated you when you were going together. Make a list of the good and bad things about him. Put the list away for a couple of days and then read it. If his bad actions out weigh the good then it's doubtful he has changed and it is a red flag for you to move on and not get back into a relationship with your ex boyfriend. You can't change someone if they do not want to be changed.

That is waht a girl thinks is a nicer way to say that they do not want yoou as a boyfriend, but that they want to keep you on their nice list. Respect her wishes and move along and find another woman to date. (this could drive her crazy)

a list of things that you want a list of things that you want

There are many things you should include. These things could be resumes, the latest things you have made online, and your list of programs you can use on a computer.

Zachary Gordon. *Jason* As far as I know, I dissagree... Peyton list does not have a boyfriend what so ever right now.

It depends on the girl, the school, and the boyfriend. YES!!!, take it from a girl who knows. just today at school my boy friend gave me a little tin box that says "love" in the cover that was so corny i almost barfed then i open it and there was i bunch of little heart candies i there and then on top of that a freaking butterfly necklace! a rose would be soooo bad, top 5 things an the bad boyfriend list are: 1:DO NOT HAVE SOMEONE ELS ASK THE GIRL OUT!!! 2:do not ever give girls corny gifts that will embarrass her 3: Save the presents till your going on a date. 4: dont talk about being her boyfriend that much around her 5: do not be a bucket of mush!

the answer is a boyfriend:)

I think a child's life should be simple, they should not have very many chores of jobs. Children should have hours of free time a day. Make a daily list for your child of things he or she needs to do, and when they have finished the things on the list then let them play.

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