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Rubber (tires) it was being used in military equipment.

Gasoline, same thing. Tanks, airplanes, jeeps... all of the military equipment was using gasoline.

Silk, formerly used in ladies stockings, was being used for parachutes.

Sugar, was being sent to the military in packaged foods.

New automobiles were not being built during the peak of the war. Entire production lines had converted to build military equipment.

People were generally willing to do without in an effort to send more to the military.

Many things were rationed, food, water, weapons, etc.

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What things were not rationed?

I just read a news article that said fish and chips were not rationed during the war

Why were things rationed during ww1?

To save up ammunition and food

What was not rationed in the US during World War II?

people rationed many things so that the military forces could get supplies. Not everything was rationed though. things like pens and paper were not rationed. people tried to eat less meat so that it could go to the military.

What things were rationed in Denmark during World War 2?

fish milk

What were four items that were rationed during world war 2?

gasoline, sugar, eggs, meat. As the war went on more and more things were rationed

Why was rubber rationed in World War 2?

It was rationed for things such as tires for military tanks, and rubber was a much-needed necessity during World War 2.

Was water a rationed food during World War 1?

No, water was not a rationed food. however, things like potatoes, sugar, and meat were rationed. The government established special days such as meatless mondays and wheatless wednesdays.

What two things were rationed?

Cigarettes and meat were the main rationed items

Why did America start rationing in world war 2 II?

They rationed certain metals during the war, even tin because metal could be used in weapons manufacturing, but they didn't ration vital things like food. However Europe rationed butter for some reason.

Was sweetcorn rationed?

No, in the United States no vegetables were rationed. The only things I remember as being rationed were butter, sugar, meat and gasoline. We had coupons for gasoline and tokens for the edible things.

What things were rationed during world war ii?

rubber coffee meat butter and even shoes

What were some things Americans rationed during World War 2?

Paper, rubber, metal, scrap metal.

Ten things that were not rationed?

Water was not rationed. Potatoes were not rationed because they were plentiful in the USA but in England they were rationed. Depending on which country or area where you lived pork meats were not rationed. Things like salt. baking soda, spices, vanilla, baking powder were not on the ration lists. Some medicines were not rationed but antibiotics and medicines needed in the war front were rationed amongst the medical facilities. In the USA some vegetables and fruit did not need to be rationed but the people were encouraged to grow victory gardens so the vegetables and fruits used in the military forces' rations and kitchens could be plentiful. In England they had rationing for ten years and it was for an extensive list of things. Cars were not rationed because they discontinued building cars in both countries. The gasoline was rationed as well as tires. Blackout Drapery and Curtains were not rationed. Sand bags were not rationed. Things like dishes, photos, stationary, etc were not rationed.

What things were rationed in Number the Stars?

Butter had been rationed because the Germans just gave it to their army

What kind of stuff got rationed in world war 2?

some things that were rationed in WWll was milk sugar

What food was rationed in Singapore during world war 2?

rice, cereal, pork... many things not stated here too.

What things were rationed in the US during World War II?

sugar, oil, butter, leather, rice, and many other items.

What date were clothes rationed during world war 2?

Clothing and all fabrics (including such things as sheets and dish cloths) were rationed by coupon in Britain from 01 Jun 1941- Feb 1949. 02 Feb 1943 in US

How much was a ration of bread in World War 2?

You need to specify a country and a time. There's a widespread misconception that specific goods were simply either rationed or not rationed and that the amount(s) allowed then remained constant throughout the war. The tendency in all coutries was for more and more things to be rationed, and for the amounts allowed to be reduced. In Britain, for example, bread was not rationed during World War 2, only afterwards!

What desserts were eaten during World War I?

Milk and eggs were rationed during World War I. As a result, things like baked apples, stewed fruit, and pie were popular choices.

What other things were rationed during World War 2?

Meat, eggs, butter, fats, nylons and silk stockings, shoes, tires, gasoline,

What did they ration?

i don't really know all of them but they did ration meat, cheese, candy and chocolate. that's probably the only things i know that they rationed, oh and i think they also rationed clothes, I also think that they rationed eggs.

What were three other things that were rationed during world war 2?

Meat, eggs, butter, fats, nylons and silk stockings, shoes, tires, gasoline,

What kind of things were rationed in Britain?

bread, milk everything essential

What is Rashened?

Rationing means to control, limit, or reserve the amount of something (usually a good) that someone or some group can have. During the Second World War, for instance, things such as butter and sugar were rationed so that there would be enough for everyone to have a little. In Britain, tea was rationed.

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