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By the 1930's Japan had already occupied most of China's East Coast. In 1941/1942 they invaded Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands north of Australia, and parts of the current state of Alaska.

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Name three areas that Japan overtook in the early 1940s?

China (Manchuria), Phillipines, Burma

In the early 1940s what three areas did Japan over take?

In the 1930's Japan invaded China. In 1941/1942 Japan invaded Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and the Pacific Island chains; Marianas, Solomons, to include parts of the current state of Alaska, etc.

What is the Name of three areas where earthquakes and volcanoes are common?


What three areas did japan conquer?

Taiwan, Korea, And Northeastern china

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what are the three contries that make up north America

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Which three countries during the early 1930's successfully invaded other nations in world war 2?

Germany Japan and Italy

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The three nations that formed the axis were; Germany, Italy and Japan.AnswerGermany Italy japan Answer SuggestionThe Three Major Nations were; German, Italy and Japan, but there where many others in this alliance.

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There are many more than three cities in Japan

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japan is surrounded by water and china is not.

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This is TRUE

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name three other countries lie on the same latitude as japan

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