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The births of Christ, the Virgin Mary and St John the Baptist.

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Name three criticism that were made of the Catholic Church in the 1500s?

Name three criticism that were made of the Catholic Church in the 150\

What are the three states of life in the Catholic church?

There are three states of life within the Catholic Church: - The ordained clergy - The religious, and - The laity

What are three signs of the Catholic Church?

I believe you are referring to the marks of the Church. There are four: One Holy Catholic Apostolic

What three parts were Christianity divided into?

Christianity can be divided into three parts: the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and Protestantism. The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church split in the 11th Century. Protestantism was born from Reformation in the 16th Century and split from the Roman Catholic Church at that time.

What are the three conditions the church?

I am not sure of what your question is asking. If you are asking what the characteristics of the Catholic Church are, there are four: one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

Is the Uniting Church a Catholic Church?

No, the Uniting Church is not a Roman Catholic Church. It is a union of three different protestant ecclesial communities, the Methodist Church of Australasia, the Presbyterian Church of Australia and the Congregational Union of Australia.

What were three abuses in the Catholic Church before the Reformation?

A: Three abuses that were rife in the Catholic Church in the centuries leading up to the Reformation were: simony, nepotism and the corrupt sale of indulgences.

What does it mean to say the Church subsists in the Catholic Church?

It means that the 4 marks of the Church as spelled out in the Nicene Creed - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic - are found only in the Catholic Church. Other sects may have one, two or three of these marks but only the Catholic Church possesses all four.

Why do the Chinese have three birthdays?

Chinese do not have three birthdays. What might be confusing to some is that many of the Chinese will celebrate their lunar calendar birthday instead of their western calendar birthday. Some may even celebrate both. The lunar calendar is based on the moon and it's cycle so the date is different each year in correspondence with the western calendar.

Who were the Three Popes of the Great Schism?

When the schism came to a close, near the time of the Council of Constantine, three popes where vying for the official position: Gregory XII- Roman Catholic Church Benedict XIII- French Catholic Church John XXIII- German Catholic Church

What are three ways to celebrate Sunday?

go to church relax with family plan you week

What are the Christmas Traditions in Guatemala?

they celebrate "los tres reyes" wich are "the three kings"=they celebrate "posadas"==they celebrate "la misa de gallo" wich are ""the church of roosters"=

Who are two famous archangels from the Roman Catholic Church?

There are three named archangels in the Catholic Bible - Michael, Gabriel and Raphael.

What were the Christian churches before the Protestant Reformation?

There were two main churches: Roman Catholic and Orthodox. - UPDATE - Actually there were three main churches at the time, the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodox Church. The Oriental Orthodox Church was the first church to break away from the Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Church) in 451AD followed by the Roman Catholic Church in 1054AD.

What are three functions of the Catholic Church in French society?

Functions of the Catholic Church in French society played roles in education in schools, healthcare in hospitals, and legal duties. Sometimes the church got involved in politics.

What is the Catholic Church's hierarchy organizational chart?

There are three main hierarchy within the Catholic Church. These three tiers includes the Pope, the Bishops and Dioceses, and then the Priests and Parishes.

What are the three Catholic Churches?

I'm not sure what you are asking, there is only one Catholic Church, which is manifested as hundreds of particular Churches (each diocese) each headed by a Bishop. Within each diocese (each particular Church) there are dozens, if not hundreds of parishes, most of which contain a Church building. I know of nowhere where there are just three Catholic Churches.

Why do you celebrate valentines?

We celebrate Valentine's Day, because until 1969, it was one of the many Saint's Days observed by the Catholic Church. It was dedicated to the patron saint of romantic causes, St. Valentine.Although it was removed from the Church's calendar in 1969, the religious meaning coupled with Valentine's Day's roots in Roman paganism have allowed it to continue as a holiday for everyone.Early Christians saw Valentine's Day as a way to honor St. Valentine, of whom there were actually three. The Catholic Church recognizes three saints by that name, all who were martyred on February 14.

What were three areas of corruption within the Catholic Church that led to the Reformation?

The Catholic church abused its power by not helping the poor, corruptly selling indulgences and only allowing the Church to interpret the Bible. The Protestant Reformation occurred as a result.

What are the three types or stages of vocation?

The three kinds of vocation to the catholic church are - Marriage - Priest/Religious -Single blessedness

What are three laws that tn has passed?

1. Catholic Church Tax which is still on the books today.

What is a prayer that states your beliefs?

Within the Catholic Church, there are three Creeds that state the beliefs of Catholics. The Athanasian Creed, Apostle's Creed, and Nicene Creed state all of the beliefs and structures of the Catholic church.

What are three functions of the Catholic church?

The basic functions of the Catholic church are:1. Worship2. Personal Holiness3. Service4. Evangelism5. Stewardship6. Fellowshipthese functions are for the entire church community not just the clergy. Every Catholic should follow the above statements even if they dont do them.

How do they celebrate birthdays in great Britain?

Children are given either a Mule or a weasel up until their 13th birthday. They are kept for six months (until the Childs half-birthday) then weighed, if the animal has gained an even amount of ounces for weasels, or kilos for mules, the child will receive a special treat, usually in the form of a hat or an exotic fruit i.e mandarin or prune. Therefore half-birthdays are actually the main celebration for children. Adults celebrate their birthdays by giving their three closest companions or family members three gifts each costing three pounds per gift and usually exchanged, when possible, at 3pm. However these traditions are slowly becoming unpopular and often the children will mark their birthdays and half birthdays with a simple fruit salad. The adults mark their birthdays by asking an unlikely love interest on a date, such as their bank manager or a friends brother or sister.

Who sustains the Catholic Church?

God Himself sustains His Church. Jesus Christ is the Head of the Church; and united with the Father and the Holy Spirit, all three Persons of the Blessed Trinity enliven and sustain the Church.