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what three events led to united states entry into the war

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The Kansas-Nebraska Act, Dred Scott Supreme Court case and The Compromise of 1850 are the three events that led up to the civil war.

the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife

it was the holocoust. when everyone blamed the Jews for the black plague.

What events led up to the Vietnam war

The main reason why the Americans joined the War was because of the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

One of the events that led to The Revolutionary War is the closing of the Boston Harbor.

The US public support for Cuban Independence and the mysterious sinking of the USS Maine are the events that led to the Spanish-American War.

The Cold War and the fear that it would spread were the main events that led up to the conflict in the Vietnam War. The war in Vietnam lasted roughly 10 years.

The scramble for the natural resources is usually one of the events that lead to the outbreak of the war.

assassination attempt ferdinand

North Korea's invasion of South Korea on June 25, 1950, led to the Korean War.

The German invasion of Belgium was the catalyst that led Britain to enter WW1.

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor led to the US entry into WW2

because the sinking of the lusitannia

The cold war Led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre led the colonists closer to war with Britain.

Im pretty sure, the events were... pretty coool.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.

Russian & Japanese expansion plans in that region, led to a clash.

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