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No famous inventions were made.


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The inventions that have been made since 1995 includes Java, You Tube, Digital TV and cameras and the MP3 players. Other kinds of inventions includes MySpace and Facebook and the Bluetooth Wireless Headset.

what inventions are made in arizona

Three of the Sumerian's inventions are: plow, writing, and the wheel.

There were many inventions in the year 1995. The DVD player and the digital camera were two of the most popular inventions of the year.

Combine Harvester, Tractor and Plough

Helicopter, parachute, something else

Three of the many Roman inventions or the perfection of more primitive inventions were concrete, a taxi meter, and central heating.

What inventions were made in 1960's

The repeating rilfle was made in 1840. For more answers, search "inventions made in 1840."

there were no inventions lol

Inventions are made because it is then easier for a person to do finish his work and in a fast pace.

porcelain,paper,and ink.these were the inventions that were made in the Han dynasty

Many inventions were made such as a pot and pan

I assume you are referring to J.S. Bach here; he wrote fifteen two-part inventions, and fifteen three-part inventions

What inventions were developed in Blaevavon ironworks

In the 1750's do anyone know what inventions were made?

Inventions are made because it is easier of or a person to do finish the work and in a fast pace..

what are some inventions made between 1700-1800

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