What three main religions of the world share a monotheistic belief?

Monotheistic means a belief in just one god.

The three religions are (in order of start).

  • Judaism
  • Christianity
  • Muslim-ism (Islam)

It is also interesting to note that these three religions actually believe in the SAME single god.


Islam, Judaism, Christianity, also known as the Religions of the Book or the Abrahamic religions, are the three main monotheistic religions, though there are countless smaller ones. These three religions come from the same branch; Abraham, a citizen of the Babylonian city of Ur, who decided (or was told by God) that, rather than worshiping dozens of Babylonian Gods, he would worship just the one. There are also theories that monotheism truly started in Egypt, when Akhenaton tried to instigate the worship of Aten as a single god.

Minor monotheistic religions include : Shonan, Dogon, Massai, and Carib.