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What three players have hit home runs out of Dodger Stadium?


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April 30, 2010 3:41AM

Willie Stargell is the only person to ever hit two home runs out of Dodger Stadium. His first was a 506 foot bomb off of pitcher Alan Foster on August 5th 1969, and the other was a 470 foot shot off of Andy Messersmith on May 8th 1973.

It wasn't for over 30 years before Mike Piazza became the second player and only Dodger to ever hit a home run out of the park. On September 21st 1997, Mike Piazza hit a 478 foot home run off of San Francisco Giant pitcher Mike Lansing.

July 17th 1998, Mark McGwire hit the longest home run at 511 ft over the right field pavilion at Dodger Stadium against pitcher Brian Bohanon.

Manny hit one in 2009, don't know the details. (LOL) (BROKE A WINDSHIELD)