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They first plow their fields along the curves of a slope. Then they disturb the soil and its plant cover as little as possible. Last they the farmer plants different crops in a field each year.

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Q: What three things do farmers do to conserve soil?
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What are three methods by which farmers can conserve soil?

Three methods for farmers to conserve soil is plant trees, build terraces, contour plowing.

What are three methods farmers use to conserve soil?

Three methods which farmers use to conserve soil is Contour Plowing, Conservation Plowing,and Crop Rotation.

What three methods by which farmers can conserve soil?


How do farmers conserve soil and water?

contour plowing

Three ways to conserve soil?

plant more and more trees to prevent soil erosion

What kinds of things can you conserve soil?

trees grass scat bones

Slogan on soil conservation?

Soil is life,conserve it......conserve soil to save the earth............

What incentives to conserve soil do farmers in developed nations have?

come on, dude, do ask us your Environmental Science assignment.

What are the steps to conserve soil?


Why is soil eroded?

conserve soil.

How do farmers maintain their soil?

They can use the three crop rotation.

Steps taken by the Indian government to conserve soil?

what are the steps taken by the government to conserve the soil erosion

What are the two things which are added by the farmers to enrich the soil?

The two things are Legume plants and fertilizers

What are some techniques that farmers use to conserve soil?

Contour plowing and strip cropping Contour plowing helps prevent loss of topsoil while strip cropping helps preserve soil butrients......:-)

What are some things you do to conserve the earth?

we have to conserve our earth for our living.we have to conserve natural resources.conserve water,plant trees,protest against de forestation,prevent pollution of air,water,soil,reduce the use of plastic.etc

What three things are soil made of?

Three things that make up soil are called matter.Matter is made of solid liquid and gas.

What are 3 things farmers do to protect or increase nitrogen concentration of the soil?

Why three things? You can add a nitrogen fertilizer, or better yet plant a nitrogen fixing cover crop, typically a legume.

How does crop rotation conserve soil?

Crop rotation helps to conserve soil by keeping the soil from becoming depleted. It also helps to prevent disease and insect damage.

What is the three main things about soil?

soil is green,hard,and waterproof

How do roots of the grass family conserve soil?

the soil is thick and is sily

Poster and slogan of Soil conservation?

Conserve soil for a safer future .

How does vegetation helps us to conserve water?

It helps to conserve soil and soil soaks water and stops it from going in drain. The water in soil is again available for water cycle

Why do farmers enrich the soil?


What can be done to help conserve fertile soil?

Fertilizer, crop rotation, water, and regular care all help conserve fertile soil.

Why do you need to conserve soil erosion?

we need to conserve soil because it is a vital part of the ecosystem. soil is necessary for the proper growth of plants. it also helps to purify underground water.