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The last mass production Model T was built on May 26th 1927. But, Ford Motor Company built 6 Model Ts in 2002. They used original parts and they were identical to the originals.

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Q: What time and date of last ford Model T was made?
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henry ford made the model t car than he made the model a car last but not least the hourseless carrige

What year was the last Ford Escort made?

In North America the last model year for the Ford Escort was ( 2003 )

What was the last year the ford escort was made?

2003 was the last model year for the Ford Escort in North America

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The ( 2005 ) Ford Thunderbird was the last MODEL year

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What date was it when Henry Ford sold his first Model A car?

Ford produced two different cars that he named the Model A. The first was produced in 1903 and was made before the Model T. Ford again came out with another car he called the Model A in 1928.

What date was the model A Ford made?

The Ford Model A was produced from 1928-1931. The first one was shown to the public in December 1927. 5,000,000 were produced at a price of around $500 each.

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