What time did William Wallace die?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What time did William Wallace die?
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When did William Wallace Cory die?

William Wallace Cory died in 1943.

When did William James Wallace die?

William James Wallace died in 1917.

When did William Wallace Campbell die?

William Wallace Campbell died in 1938.

When did William Wallace - Jesuit - die?

William Wallace - Jesuit - died in 1922.

When did John William Wallace die?

John William Wallace died in 1884.

When did William Wallace Kimball die?

William Wallace Kimball died in 1904.

When did William Wallace - philosopher - die?

William Wallace - philosopher - died in 1897.

When did William Kelly Wallace die?

William Kelly Wallace died in 1969.

When did William Miller Wallace die?

William Miller Wallace died in 1924.

When did William Ross Wallace die?

William Ross Wallace died in 1881.

When did William Wallace Phelps die?

William Wallace Phelps died in 1873.

When did William Wallace - mason - die?

William Wallace - mason - died in 1631.